Title Page

  • Work Order No.

  • Contractor Name

  • Conducted on

  • Inspection Done by

  • Location
  • Personnel on site

Health & Safety

  • Are all personnel wearing correct PPE? (long sleeves, long pants, safety glasses, hard hat if req'd, hearing protection if req'd)

  • Is the PPE in good condition and in date - where applicable?

  • Has an external Traffic Management Company been engaged and set up correctly?

  • Has Traffic Management been set up by correctly by the contractor?

  • Is the work site free of tripping hazards? eg tools lying around, excavation debris, uneven ground, kerbing

  • Do all employees on site have their Allwater/Skytrust card and have they completed an Allwater induction? Scan all available QR Codes.

  • Are any employees working in a confined space?

Environmental Protection

  • Are all Environmental risks controlled? eg mud entering storm water, waste water overflows contained

  • Has a clean up been conducted (if required) to minimise any Environmental Impact?


  • Has the contractor completed a JHA before starting work?

  • Have they identified any Risks/Hazards?

  • Do all identified Risks/Hazards have controls in place?

  • Has every person on site, including yourself, signed on to the JHA?

  • Is today a Fire Ban day? If yes, enter permit No. for any hot works.

  • Have all underground services been located and marked?

  • If working on Cast Iron or Asbestos pipe, are contractors applying all safety procedures?

  • Is a main isolation required? If yes, who de-pressurised the main?

Plant & Equipment

  • Are all hand tools in good working condition?

  • Are all electrical tools tested, tagged and in date?

  • Do all vehicles in the work zone have flashing or rotating beacons?

  • Are flashing or rotating Beacons operational?

Organisation and Efficiency

  • What type of work is being done? eg Burst main, Sewer Connection Fault

  • Are all employees on site actively engaged in the task?

  • Is the excavation greater than 1.5 metres deep? What measures have been taken to mitigate any risk of collapse? Eg benching, shoring, battering etc.

  • What size bucket is being used on the excavator/backhoe?

  • Is the bucket size on the excavator/backhoe appropriate for the task?

  • Have all necessary parts for the repair been brought to site?

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