Are all employees properly trained?

Are all personnel assigned to work with anhydrous ammonia capable of working in a hazardous area?

If the ammonia refrigeration system has 10,000 pounds or more of ammonia, are applicable requirements in 1910.119 followed?

Personal Protective Equipment

Are goggles used by all persons handling anhydrous ammonia?

Are ammonia-resistant gloves used by all persons handling anhydrous ammonia?

Are rain suits or slickers available? Are boots available?

Are two full-face masks available?

Are canisters current?

Are two self-contained air masks available for emergencies?

Emergency Response

Is a safety water tank or an approved deluge shower available?

Are fire extinguishers in good condition?

Have the local emergency authorities been trained in handling anhydrous ammonia emergencies?

Are emergency telephone numbers conspicuously posted?

Are storage tanks approved for anhydrous ammonia?

Is an approved first aid kit available?

Signs and Markings

Is the paint on storage tanks in good condition?

Are the "Caution-Ammonia" or "Anhydrous Ammonia" decals in place?

Are the "Warnings" and "First Aid" decals in place?

Are "Wear Your Goggles" decals located throughout the work area?

Are the liquid and vapor valves properly identified?

Are transfer connection areas ( transport stubs, loading stations, and so on) marked "Caution-Ammonia" or "Anhydrous Ammonia"?

Are "Stop-Tank Car Connected" signs available and in use?

Is a "First Aid Water" decal on the safety tank or shower?


Are all valves, and like equipment, approved for anhydrous ammonia?

Are excess flow checks in all openings where required?

Are relief valves checked and replaced regularly?

Are all relief valves capped?

Is all piping done with schedule 80, black pipe ( no galvanized or brass)?

Are all hoses labeled for anhydrous ammonia?

Are all hoses and pipes equipped with relief valves where needed?

Are hoses inspected regularly and changed when age or condition require?

Is there an automatic back check in the transport liquid line?

Are wheel chocks for nurse tanks, motor transports, and rail cars available?

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