We would like to thank the management and staff of this Apple Store for their time and cooperation and assistance given during this inspection allowing us to compile this report.


    This report was undertaken in accordance with our internal work instructions. Our purpose has been to review the cleaning standards in store, to view compliance documentation and where appropriate to provide advice and guidance to assist in identifying non-compliance and delivering improvements

    This report has been carried out primarily by means of:

    * Announced visit to the Apple Store, giving 24hrs notice to the Store Manager
    * Informal meeting with the Store Manager / Duty Manager
    * Inspection of cleaning standards being delivered against the cleaning specification
    * Inspection of the on-site procedures, documentation and recording
    * Inspection of the cleaning equipment, chemicals and consumables

    This report concentrates on the 'Contracted' cleaning standards in the store and includes all of the sales floor area, back of house and external areas where appropriate.

    Helistrat uses expertise and innovation to develop 'service solutions' to deliver long term objectives on behalf of Apple. This will add long term value to the business and the relationship, by acting as a subject expert and strategic service partner of choice, working in collaboration with passion and trust with your best interest in mind.

    A'Traffic Light' system of scoring standards was used

    RED - FAIL

Core Cleaning


  • External Shop Front

  • Shop Front Doors

  • Store Entrances

  • Barrier Matting

  • Detail, Corners and Edges


  • External Glass

  • Sales Floor Glass

  • Are the relevant SSOW & RA available for inspection?


  • Hard and Resilient Flooring

  • Customer Staircases and Landings

  • Escalator Treads and Handrails

  • Detail, Corners and Edges


  • Male Staff Toilets

  • Female Staff Toilets

  • Staff Locker Rooms including tops of lockers

  • Customer Toilets including Baby Changing Facilities


  • Offices including fixtures, fittings and furniture

  • Staircases and Landings

  • Stockrooms

  • Goods Lift(s)


  • Is the current Apple Contract Specification displayed?

  • Is the Cleaning Compound(s) clean and tidy?

  • Does the contractor have Colour Coding in place and are there Charts on display?

  • Is all cleaning machinery in a well maintained and acceptable condition?

  • Is all machinery PAT tested to statutory requirements?

  • Does the contractor have a Site File available and if so are the contents up to date?

  • Is their current H&S Policy displayed?

  • Is their accident form/contact/procedure displayed?

  • Is their Accident book available/being used? Any completed forms in the book?

  • Have any RIDDOR reportable accidents been reported correctly and on time?

  • Is the contractors current Employers Liability Insurance displayed?

  • Is their Certificate of Insurance up to date?

  • Do all cleaning operatives have completed and up to date training records? (must be refreshed every 12 months)

  • Is there an up to date training matrix available?

  • Are all operatives wearing correct uniforms and ID badges?


  • Is the store satisfied with the standards of their Periodic Cleaning?

  • Are the relevant SSOW & RA available for inspection?

Clean As You Go (CAYG)

Clean As You Go (CAYG)

  • Is Clean As You Go being carried out?



  • Is there good segregation taking place throughout the store

  • Are there different areas for different waste categories

  • Are these areas clearly labelled

Audit Report

  • Inspection Findings

  • Actions Completed by:

  • HMS Inspector

  • Apple Representative

  • Completed

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