• Removal Contractor

  • Site Address

  • Conducted on

  • Description of works being undertaken/Project

Preliminaries and Site Documentation

  • Is the method statement suitable and sufficient ?

  • Have any amendments been made and are these justified ?

  • Have works been set up as per the original drawings and if not are the changes justified ?

  • Is the name of the UKAS lab and any planned air monitoring arrangements detailed in the plan of work ?

  • Is there a set of risk assessments on site and available for inspection for activities other than asbestos removal? (hot work, working at height, hand tools etc) and is it adequete ?

  • Is there a set of COSHH assessments on site?

  • Is there an in date ASB5 on site and is this document suffice and match the works on site ?

  • Are there any changes to the ASB5 and is corresponding evidence on site of the changes ?

  • If any of work is non notifiable should it have been NNL work ?

  • If the work is NNLW is the notification form on site and adequete ?

  • Is a copy of their valid asbestos license on site ?

  • Is a copy of their valid public indemnity insurance on site ?

  • Is a copy of their Waste carriers license on site ?

  • Is the supervisors site diary/checks completed ?

  • Are any relevant isolations available for inspection ?

Training Certificates

  • Supervisor

  • Current valid medical certificate ?

  • Current Training Certificate ?

  • Annual service for Full Face RPE ?

  • Face Fit Tests Cert for RPE ?

  • Inspection record for RPE?

  • Emergency Procedure Awareness?

  • Clean Shaven ?

  • Other relevant training like work at Height / Confined Spaces ?

  • Are the training records verified by the company ?

  • Operatives

  • Current Medical Certificates ?

  • Current Training Certificates ?

  • Face Fit Test Cert for RPE ?

  • Inspection record of RPE?

  • Emergency Procedure Awareness?

  • Annual Service for Full Face RPE ?

  • Clean Shaven ?

  • Other relevant training like work at height / Confined Spaces ?

  • Are training records verified by the company ?

Plant on site

  • Do the number of H type vacuums on site correspond with the method statement? Note 2 minimum for licensed work needed.

  • Are current DOP test certificates (or copies) available and relevant to each NPU or Vaccum on site?

  • Does to number and capacity of the NPU's in use correspond with that stated in the plan of work?

  • Are leads PAT tested and clear of tape and damage ?

Enclosure / Airlocks

  • Is the enclosure integrity in sound condition and constructed as to prevent the spread of asbestos?

  • For Non notifiable or NNL works is the work area segregated adequetly dependant on the material with warning signs ?

  • Are the enclosure inspection and smoke test records available for inspection?

  • Are there adequate warning signs which comply with the signs and signal regs?

  • Is the airlock free from visible asbestos debris?

  • Is a H Vac , bucket and sponge or similar available for preliminary decontamination ?

  • Are the airlock openings either oval or rectangular in shape and robust ?

  • Do the flaps cover the airlock openings adequately?

  • Are all of the airlock flaps weighted?

  • Is each stage of the airlock/Baglock at least 1m x 1m x 2m (height) where space permits and If not is this justified ?

  • Is each viewing panel (where applicable) on the enclosure at least 600mm x 300mm

  • Does the airlock / Baglock have viewing panels at least 600 x 300mm?

  • Is there a suitably stocked first aid kit and fire extinguisher by the airlock ?

Air Extraction Equipment

  • Is the extract sited in relation to ideal air management?

  • Is the extraction equipment achieving at least a minimum of 8 air changes per hour?

  • Is the extract vented to outside atmosphere where practical if not is air monitoring being carried out ?

  • Are NPU air velocity readings being recorded by the supervisor ?

Observed Work Practices

  • Does the area have viewing panels and/or CCTV as per the method statement and does it allow inspection of the work area as far as reasonably practical ?

  • Is the area adequetly lit ?

  • Is the pre-filter the only part of the NPU exposed to the working area? (ie NPU sheeted out if inside enclosure)

  • RPE and filter used as stated in plan of work? (ie suitable)

  • RPE identifiable as a complete kit? (i.e mask, blower, and battery all uniquely identified as one kit)

  • Are colours of coveralls as stated in the plan of work or standard procedures?

  • Are all items of necessary PPE being properly worn? (e.g overall hood over head straps, overalls not tucked into boots etc)

  • Does the dust suppression method being used match that stated in the plan of work?

  • Is the dust suppression method suitable for the type of work or material? (if needle injection machine being used, please state manufacturer)

  • Does the asbestos removal technique being used match that stated in the plan of work?

  • Has the waste been appropriately bagged? (e.g immediately and single bagged if still in enclosure)

  • Is access equipment being used correctly ?

Hygiene Facility

  • Is the unit positioned in relation to the work area as stated in the plan of work?

  • If the unit is not directly connected to the enclosure, would it have been reasonably practicable to do so?

  • If the unit is directly connected is it set up as per HSG 247 / Standard Operating Proceedures with an air inlet point ?

  • Is the transit route as short as possible and away from occupied areas?

  • Is the unit functional/in working order? (level ,water, ventilation, heating, lighting, water filter,foul drains etc)

  • Are the internal doors and external door to the dirty end all fully self closing?

  • Is there an adequate number of showerheads for operatives?(i.e at least one for every 4 operatives)

  • Is there a nailbrush provided in the shower area?

  • Is the unit is good condition and clean so far as is reasonably practicable?

  • Is there a clearance test certificate from the previous job ?

  • Are the clean end and dirty end doors marked (including prohibited entry and mandatory PPE signage where required)?

  • Are towels provided?

  • Has the DCU had its Gas, Electrics and NPU tested and in these items in date regards servicing ?


  • Are the waste disposal arrangements as described in the plan of work and are they suitable ?

  • Has a separate baglock been provided, if not could it have ?

  • Are the baglock and waste routes , Skip/Waste Van visible clean ?

Non Asbestos Hazard's


  • Has the Work area / Terrain / Weather been assessed correctly for the use of the MEWP ?

  • Has the equipment been inspected in the past 6 months and is the certificate on site ?

  • Are all operator using the equipment trainied in its use I.e IPAF and is PPE being used where applicable ?

Fixed Scaffolding

  • Has a documentated inspection including scaff tag been carried out on the scaffold to include <br>Before Use<br>After substantial alterations<br>Weather in a 7 day period ?

  • If fixed scaffolding has been used should this have been a licensed scaffolder if already not ?

Mobile Scaffolding

  • Have competent personel erected and inspected the scaffold ?

Noise and vibration

  • Is exposure to noise and vibration being monitored where applicable and is there signage in place ?

  • Is the correct PPE being worn for noise and vibration ?

  • Is the noise and vibration adequetly controlled in the method statement eg tools identified, EAV/ LEV, rotation and PPE etc.

Work at Height

  • Are suitable control measures in place ?

Work at elevated temperatures / Hot Works

  • Are all control measures in place including communication, fire suppressants, rescue equipment and gas testing etc.

  • Are proceedures in place to deal with emergencies ?

Confined Spaces

  • Has the RAMS adequately controlled any working at elevated temperatures to include:<br>Reducing temp at source<br>Increase air flow<br>RPE/PPE<br>Rotation/Restricted work regimes<br>Medicals and surveillance<br>Decontamination nand isotonic fluids<br>Permit to work<br>Temperature readings

  • Have risks of fire been reduced and are arrangements in place to deal with any fires / Emergencies ?

  • Have all persons involved in confined space work received the correct level of confined space training ?

Direct Pressure Blasting

  • Has the equipment been set up correctly and is the device being used safely ?

  • Have all users been trained to use the equipment ?

Further Comments / Observations / Workforce Feedback

  • Additional comments

  • Actions required

  • Auditors Name

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