Title Page

  • Reason for audit

  • Audit Number

  • Analyst

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

QA, Aims and Replicate QC Analysis

  • Has the analyst successfully completed the analysis of 4 no bulk samples from the laboratory s stock of QC bulk samples ?

  • Has the analyst successfully completed the analysis of the AIMs samples? If results are known

  • Has the analyst successfully completed the required number of re analysis samples?

  • Has the analyst got a P401 (or equivalent) and relevant training file up to date?

Health and Safety

  • Sample handling in line with company procedures?

  • Risk Assessment s / COSHH for RI liquids available?

  • Risk assessments / COSHH for all other chemicals available (Acid , Acetone etc) ?

  • Cabinet cleaned between samples ?

  • Is the analyst aware of emergency procedures ?

  • Is the analyst aware of spillage procedures ?


  • Is the fume cabinet working correctly and are relevant safety checks and service details in date.Record the ID no and last Service date , date of last weekly check, record of flow rate checks and PAT test dates.

  • PLM microscope present ? Record ID no, service date and PAT test info

  • Stereo microscope present ? Record ID no , service date and PAT test info

  • Type H Vacuum Present ? Record ID no , service date and PAT test info

  • RI Liquids present ? Record all batch numbers and use by dates

  • Tools in good working condition ?

  • Petri dishes clean with no deep scratches that could harbour contamination ?

  • Hot plate / stirer in good condition ? Clean and electricity tested if applicable

  • Suitable lighting and seating for both fume cabinet and microscope ?

  • Is any additional equipment in use in the fume cabinet ?

  • Warning signs on door of laboratory ?

Analysis Procedure

  • Lab sample booking in file filled in correctly ?

  • Analyst wearing lab coat ?

  • Fume cabinet on ?

  • Sample placed into appropriate receptacle (Petri dish) ?

  • Sample inspected under stereo microscope ?

  • Sample preparation appropriate to material ?

  • Fibers mounted in correct RI liquid with cover slip fitted ?

  • Slide transferred to PLM ?

  • PLM microscope procedure followed (each step demonstrated to auditor) ?

  • Analysis sheet correctly filled in ?

Witnessed Bulk Analysis

  • Project No

  • Material

  • Sample examined under stereo microscope

  • Sample mounted (RI)

  • Morphology

  • Elongation

  • Pleochrism

  • Dispersion Staining

  • Fibre identified

  • Birefringence

  • Summary

  • Bulk Analyst

  • Auditor

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