• Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Site Name

  • Date and time

  • Location
  • Checklist Items

  • Contact site to pre-arrange a site induction for first time visit.

  • Contact the respective site and agree a specific date and time for the visit.

  • Will a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) be required?

  • Confirm at least one other person will be on site whilst visiting.

  • Contact site to request a person accompanies you whilst outside main Admin building.

  • Confirm correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for site.

  • Perform a Personal Safety Assessment.

  • Do I understand what the task involves.

  • Have I got the correct tools and equipment to complete the task.

  • Can I complete the task without the help from others.

  • Have I identified what could go wrong.

  • How can I make it safe

  • Note: Ensure action is taken to address any items that are found to be unsafe.

  • Asciano Minimum PPE

    High Visibility Clothing
    Safety Glasses
    Long Sleeve Shirt
    Rubber Sole Boots

    Additional PPE Dependant on Site

    Steel capped, lace-up, ankle high boots
    Ear plugs
    Wide brim hats

  • Identified Hazards

  • Enter details of hazards

  • Take photo if required

  • Signature

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