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Simple questions

  • Can the employee identify the location of procedures?

  • Does the employee conduct a visual check for leaks before entering the well site?

  • Draw a DB&B arrangement

Bit harder

  • What is the purpose of the choke?

  • What is the purpose of the level valve?

  • What is the purpose of the pressure transmitter?

  • Explain the difference between annulus flow and tubing flow.

  • Describe the action to be taken if a PSV lifts

  • Describe the principal function of a micro turbine

Specific questions

  • What hazards exist at a well site, list 8.

  • The separator is flooded, what action should you take?

  • Hydraulic oil is leaking from a hose rupture on. A hydro pack, do you

  • Draw the separator water flow path

  • Explain the SIS function of an automated well

  • Assessed as competent

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