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  • Has the candidate presented themselves for work on time, clocked in and presented themselves for work as per company requirements?

  • Is the candidate wearing or in possession of the required PPE/RPE?

  • Do they have sufficient food and drink for their shift?

Preparing to go Underground.

  • Has the candidate checked their cap lamp and self-rescuer correctly?

  • Has the candidate placed their tally on the underground board in the lamproom?

  • Has the candidate checked other safety equipment provided correctly? (Gas monitor etc)

  • Do they know the correct procedure for faulty safety equipment/PPE?

  • Have they logged in with their supervisor, received a pre-shift briefing and acknowledged their understanding of their duties?

  • Can they explain why it is important to log in correctly before going below ground?

Travelling to the workplace.

  • Can they effectively navigate themselves to their workplace and identify and potential hazards?

Identification of General and Health Hazards in the Workplace.

  • Can the candidate identify general hazards in the workplace?

  • Can the candidate identify health related hazards in the workplace?

  • Can the candidate identify controls in place to manage general and health related hazards they have identified?

  • Can the candidate identify and demonstrate knowledge of the fixed environmental monitoring systems?

  • In the candidates area of work can they identify persons that are required to carry a personal gas monitor and the reasons why?

  • Can the candidate identify signage and appropriate actions to be taken for signage identified?

Risk Assessment (Onsite)

  • The candidate understands and can demonstrate the principles associated with risk assessment.

  • Can the candidate complete an onsite risk assessment?

  • Is the candidate confident in leading or contributing to a discussion on risk?

  • Can the candidate control the risk by means of a practical and adequate safe system of work?

  • Can the candidate ensure that the controls have been implemented before work begins?

  • Can the candidate identify when it is appropirate to complete an onsite risk assessment?

Identification of Major Mine Hazards.

  • Can the candidate identify major mine hazards present in the workplace?

  • Can the candidate identify the types of controls that are in place for each of the major hazards identified?

  • Can the candidate outline other major hazards that may be be in place in other parts of the mine?

  • Does the candidate know the procedure for reporting any issues or concerns regarding major hazards and the actions they should take to ensure their safet and the safety of others?

Carrying out Planned Tasks.

  • The candidate understands and can demonstrate they are authorised and competent to carry out the task.

  • The candidate can set up the work area and equipment to complete the task safely and efficiently and knows the actions if the planned work cannot be completed safely and efficiently.

  • The candidate can inspect equipment in line with the company standard before commencing the task.

  • The candidate demonstrates that they understand the RAMS or Managers Rules and the correct PPE/RPE for the task.

  • The candidate communicates effectively with others whilst carrying out the task.

  • The candidate carried out the task to the required standard.

Completion of Planned Work Activities.

  • The candidate can demonstrate and verify the work has been completed to the required standard.

  • The candidate has carried out pre and post- use checks of equipment used and has stored the equipment correctly for future use.

  • The candidate has left the work area in a safe state on completion of the task.


  • The candidate understands the information that must be reported on completion of the task and communicates the information effectively.

  • The candidate can articulate how they would escalate any issues encountered whilst carrying out the task.

Emergency Procedures.

  • The candidate can outline potential hazards that may lead to an emergency underground, the actions to be taken and the correct information required to pass on in the event of an emergency.

  • The candidate can identify the safe havens and methods of communication in an emergency.

  • The candidate understands the fire-fighting systems and methods at the mine.

Safe Havens.

  • The candidate can identify the nearest safe haven, the safest route and how to identify the route.

  • The candidate can identify or demonstrate the correct operation of the safe haven.


  • The candidate can identify the escape route from their workplace.

  • The candidate can identify any systems in place to assist from their place of work.

  • The candidate can identify the actions to be taken if they find casualties during a self-escape from the mine.

Return to the Surface

  • The candidate have registered their return to the surface (i.e. replace their tally)

  • The candidate returns all equipment correctly (i.e. lamps, self-rescuers, gas detectors etc.)

  • The candidate completes a work report if required.

  • The candidate understands the procedure for returning or reporting and defective equipment to ensure it was not re-issued.

General Behavior's.

  • The candidate engaged with people whilst carrying out their tasks.

  • The candidate demonstrated a good attitude to safety and work.

  • The candidate was prepared to work to and follow instructions.


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  • Is the candidate competent to work safely in the underground environment?

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