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  • Is the operator authorised to operate the JCM?

Knowledge and Practical

  • Is the operator in a safe position during cutting/tramming operations?

  • Does the operator have a good knowledge of and is he adhering to the "RED ZONE RULES" during cutting/tramming?

  • Is the operator cutting as per Managers Ground Control Rules?

  • Does the operator have a full understanding of the Managers Ground Control Rules?

  • Has the operator checked his picks and sprays prior to commencing cutting and can he explain the importance of this check?

  • Is the communication between the JCM operator and Shuttle Car operator satisfactory?

  • Is all the required environmental monitoring equipment in position and can the operator explain the environmental monitoring procedure?

  • Is the operator adhering to and have knowledge of the ITP system?

  • Is the operator adhering to and have knowledge of the ventilation system

  • Can the operator explain the isolation procedure for the JCM?

  • Is the operator wearing the correct PPE/RPE?

  • Is the operator aware of and can he explain the personal risks associated with the operation of the JCM?

  • Is the operator aware of the risk to others as a result of his actions whilst operating the JCM? (Cutting and tramming)

  • Does the operator have knowledge and understanding of the tramming procedure?

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