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  • This form is used by Asset Management staff to ensure adequate preparation for general site visits. This may include travelling to locations to undertake asset assessment or inspection, visiting contractors on site or travelling to SA Water offices or depots for meetings. . (RIVER > Asset Management > WHS > Completed Site Inspection Checklists)

Site Visit Details

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  • Site Manager:

Pre Visit Preparation

Prompts for Planning

  • Does your site visit require a JHA? (If ‘yes’ proceed to complete JHA in combination with Site Visit Checklist)

  • Have you let your manager/team know of your site visit/ details including time on site and location?

  • Have you checked the weather forecast and is there predicted:

  • Rain or severe weather warnings?*

  • Is it safe to proceed with the site visit, and has your supervisor been notified?

  • Catastrophic Fire Danger? WHS-0052

  • Has the Level 3 Manager approved the site visit?

  • Have you contacted the relevant site manager who will be meeting/escorting you on-site and advised them of the work you will be doing during your visit?

  • Are there any site specific safety rules including site induction requirements and specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which attendees may need to take with them to site?

  • Are there any AMP SWP's which may be relevant to your site visit?

  • Are there any existing WHS issues that the site manager is aware of which may impact your visit?

  • Will your visit involve remote or isolated work and have you prepared an isolated work plan?

  • Have you identified your Communications requirements? (E.g. Mobile network coverage, GRN Radio, etc.)

  • Is a Contractor Authority to Work Permit required as part of your site visit?

  • Have you informed all attendees of the travel and site specific information relevant to them?

  • Have you considered the dangers associated with wildlife and stock before travelling to site. The risks of encountering animals increase at certain times of the day and year.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Hi Vis clothing (Mandatory)

  • Steel capped enclosed footwear (Mandatory)

  • Long sleeve top and pants (Mandatory)

  • Hard Hat

  • Safety Eyewear

  • Sun Hat/ Sunscreen

  • Required training (white card/working at heights)

Travelling to Site

  • Do you know the address of your visit location?

  • Do you have an appropriate vehicle?

  • Have you checked the suitability of your vehicle? (Tyres, fuel, first aid etc.)

During Your Visit

  • Do you have your Safe2Go Safety Pocket Book checklist and are you prepared to use it?

  • In case of Emergency Call 000 or 112(Mobile)
    Dial before you dig call 1100
    Take 5 1) Stop, Step Back, Observe 2) Walk-Through Task 3) Identify Hazards 4) Control and Communicate 5) Safely Complete Task. Engage the Brain BEFORE the Hands.
    PLAN, Take 5, Pre Start Check List, JHA, SMWS
    DO, Identify Hazards, Eliminate or control risk
    CHECK, Safe to Go, Matewatch
    ACT, Stop if risks arise, report hazards, report incidents,

  • I am/my team are competent to preform this task

  • Have Key Hazards Been Identified and Controlled?

  • Vehicles and Mobile Plant?

  • Tools and Equipment?

  • Manual Handling?

  • Falls? - People and Items

  • Slip & Trip? - Ground Condition

  • Energy Isolated? - Electricity / Water

  • Environment / Surroundings?

  • Chemicals?

  • Any other hazards for this job?

  • All Hazards Communicated?

  • Are you aware of any site specific risks associated with lead based paint/coatings & asbestos

Post Site Visit Prompts

  • Have you taken the time to manage hygiene? (washed hands and stored/cleaned PPE)

  • Did you notice any reportable hazards, near misses or incidents which need to be logged into SAAM?

Enter SAAM ID number

  • Comments? / Other Hazards Identified?

Log into IAuditor.com, navigate to audit, Export form to PDF then Save completed forms to RIVER > Asset Management > WHS > Completed Site Inspection Checklists

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