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Please select the type of work


1. Is the nominated supervisor present during the removal works?

2. Is the supervisor qualified for this type of work?

3. Has an Asbestos Survey been completed?

4. Is a copy of the buildings Asbestos Register Available on site?

5. Has testing been conducted?

6. Are the test results available on site?

7. Has Worksafe NZ been notified?

8. Is a copy of the notification on site?

9. Has an ARCP been prepared for this site?

10. Is a copy of the ARCP available on site?

11. Have all workers signed acknowledgment of the ARCP?

12. Has a SSSP been prepared for this site?

13. Is a copy of the SSSP available on site?

14. Have all personnel been inducted on the site and signed acknowledgment?

15. Has a risk assessment been completed?

16. Has the Hazard Register been updated? When?

17. Is an Incident, Injury & Near Miss Register been updated?

18. Has an emergency evacuation plan been developed and all employees trained?

19. Have Toolbox Talks been occurring daily? If Not when was the last one?

20. Is there FFE on site?

21. Is there First Aid Equipment on site?

22. Is there a First Aid trained personnel on site?

23. Is all electrical equipment tagged?


23. Have all employees been medically certified fit for working with asbestos?

24. Is an up to date Asbestos Medical Register available on site?

25. Have employees been trained in the correct use of their PPE and RPE?

26. Are training records available on site?

27. Are all employees clean shaven?

28. Are employee wearing correct PPE & RPE?

29. Can random employees demonstrate the correct fitting and tests for their RPE?

30. Is the RPE stored and cleaned correctly?

31. Is their records of individual ownership of RPE?

32. Have employees been trained in the hazards and hazard controls?

Asbestos Work Area - General

33. Has Asbestos Removal Signage been erected?

34. Has access been restricted?

35. Are decontamination facilities available?

36. Is authority to work required for this site?

37. Has it been obtained?

38. Is an H Class vacuum that complies with AS/NZS 60335.2.69 being used?

39. Does it have a current DOP certificate?

40. Has the H Class Vacuum Weekly Inspection been completed?

Asbestos Work Area (Enclosure)

41. Is the enclosure airtight?

42. Has the enclosure been smoke tested?

43. Has the appropriate plastic (>200µm) been used?

44. Have all seams been sealed?

45. Is there a viewing window?

46. Is the lighting adequate?

47. Is a NPU that complies with AS/NZS 60335.2.69 being used?

48. Does it have a current DOP certificate?

49. Has the NPU Weekly Inspection been completed?

50. Has the correct maintenance procedures been followed for the NPU?

51. Is the AWA reasonably clean?

52. Have daily inspections of the enclosure been occurring and recorded on the Asbestos Removal Daily Log?

53. Have repairs been made?

54. Is compliance/leak air monitoring being conducted?

55. Are air monitoring results available on site?

Decontamination Unit (Enclosure)

56. Is a minimum of a 3 stage decontamination unit being used?

57. Is there secure separation between zones?

58. Is there clear demarcation lines?

59. Is the “Clean Area” kept clean?

60. Have all personnel been trained in the appropriate decontamination steps?

61. Are they being followed?

62. Are underclothes supplied?

63. Is all contaminated clothing treated as ACM waste?

64. Is all contaminated clothing returned to workshop for cleaning?

65. Is hot water available for the shower?

66. Is the shower water filter within service guide?

67. Is the shower clean

68. Has suitable facilities been made for workers clean clothing storage?

69. Does the clean change area have benches or chairs?

70. Are RPE storage containers left in the “Clean area”?

Work Method

71. Have all workers been trained in the Safe Work Method?

72. Is a wet method being used for asbestos removal?

73. Are they being followed?

74. Are high speed abrasive tools being used?

75. Are all tools used in the AWA marked “Asbestos Use Only”?

76. Are dust control measures being used?

77. Have fall protection been supplied for workers?

78. Has any specialist equipment been used?

79. Have employees been trained in its use?

80. Has it been or will it be appropriately decontaminated? (Can it?)

81. Do all workers hold the required qualifications?

82. Are records available on site?

83. Do all workers hold any required vaccinations?

84. Are records available on site?

Asbestos Waste

85. Are sufficient ACM waste containers available on site?

86. Is the ACM waste double bagged?

87. Are all ACM Waste containers appropriately marked?

88. Are the ACM waste containers exteriors cleaned?

89. Is the ACM waste stored in a secure manner?

90. Has the ACM waste removal plan been followed?

91. Is waste water treated as ACM waste?

92. Has disposal to an approved waste site been planned or conducted?

93. Is ACM waste collected in accordance with Dangerous Goods Road Rule?


94. Has a visual inspection been carried out by an independent licenced asbestos assessor or competent person?

95. Has the entire AWA been satisfactorily cleaned?

96. Have all surfaces been sprayed with EVA/PVA?

97. Has an air clearance testing been conducted?

98. Did the air clearance testing pass?

99. Has a Clearance Certificate been issued?

100. Have all PPE & RPE been cleaned appropriately?

101. Have all tools and equipment been securely stored


Asbestos removal status?


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