• Course Title

  • Course Number

  • Customer

  • Operator Name

  • Start Date and Course Introduction

  • Location

Assessor/Instructor Competancy

  • The assessor/Instructor must be trained as per PUWER Regulation 9 Section 2.2 and have a full understanding of all plant vehicle operation that they are to assess.

  • Instructor Name

Operator Details

  • Date of Birth

  • Photo of operator

  • Health Operator is fit and in good health to be able to operate machinery at work including good vision with or without visual aid

  • If an operator has no proof of training held on record, they must not operate a forklift truck until proof of training Competancy has been proven?

  • Date of last test/Assessment or training course

  • Does the candidate have a certificate of training that has been passed or refreshed within the last three years?

  • Does the candidate have a certificate of training that has been passed or refreshed within the last three years?

  • If no training or assessment, how much experience has operator had.

  • Operated truck on a regular basis within the last 12 months

  • Declaration date of above details

  • Declaration of details above

Plant Vehicle

  • Type of plant equipment?

Truck information

  • Make/Model

  • Load capacity

  • Mast height

  • Load Centre

  • Attachments

Course Record

  • Course Introduction

  • Select date

  • HSAWA 1974

  • Select date

  • Safety Films

  • Select date

  • Intro to truck

  • Select date

  • Elementary Driving

  • Select date

  • Steering Exercises - Open Areas

  • Select date

  • Steering Exercises - Confined Areas

  • Lessons in picking up loads Depends on operator experience/needs

  • Racking System used

  • Select date

  • Demonstration of a Pre shift check by Instructor

  • Select date

  • Demonstration of Code of practice

  • Select date

  • Film - Stability

  • Select date

  • Practical Assessment

  • Select date

Daily Safety Inspection

  • The operator completes the Pre-shift inspection on the machine

  • Select date

  • The operator fully understands the capacity information plate?

  • The operator understands the correct fault reporting procedures?

  • If a fault has been found, the lift truck must be parked up in a safe place and the key removed. The fault must be made to a member of the management team.

Theory Questions

  • Operated truck operator passed the theory assessment

  • Photo of completed theory question sheet

  • Select date

Operator Assessment

  • Operated truck forward and in reverse, laden and unladen

  • Operated truck forward and in reverse, laden and unladen

  • Correct travel position of the forks/attachment when travelling unladen?

  • Executed 90 degree turns, left and right in a working aisle to suit the truck

  • Correct use of the horn when appropriate?

  • Bulk stacked and de-stacked loads

  • Stacked and de-stacked in Pallet racking

  • Operator had good all round safety observation?

  • Loaded/unloaded company/delivery vehicle with loads

  • The operator correctly parks the truck in a safe area and removes key

Assessment Recommendations & Evaluations

  • Assessors evaluation of operator safety?

  • Comments

  • Course Pass with an evaluation of Excellent / Good / Satisfactory


  • Date of assessment

  • Operator signature

  • Assessor signature

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