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Sprinkler System

  • Control Valves open and scaled?

  • Monthly 2" drain test conducted?

  • Alarm or water going fully operational on 2" drain test?

  • A clear space of 5' is maintained in front of the sprinkler riser?

  • Outside fire department hookup is not blocked?

  • Protective covers in place on fire department hookup?

Forklift & Delivery Truck

  • Each piece is equipped with a back up alarm?

  • Drivers trained and properly licensed?

  • Fuel tanks properly secured on forklifts?

  • Glass on trucks in good repair?

  • All lights and signals operating?

  • Seats and seat belts in good repair?

  • Rubber pads on break & clutch pedals do not show excessive wear?

  • Horn working?

  • Tires in good repair?

  • No mechanical repairs needed?

  • Load straps in good condition?

  • Verify truck annual inspection is current?

  • Pallet jacks, dollies, drywall carts in good condition?

Parking Lots & Outside Storage Areas

  • Parking lots, yard areas, & sidewalks free from snow ice and sanded/salted?

  • Entrances & exits are clear of material, snow, ice, and maintained dry?

  • No hazardous areas in parking lots or walkways (potholes or broken asphalt)?

  • Fire lanes clearly marked & unobstructed?

  • Dumpsters located a minimum of 25' from hydrants?

  • Adequate lighting?

  • Material stored in a safe manner?

  • Good housekeeping practices?

Electrical Systems

  • No burnt out light fixtures or buzzing ballast in need of replacement?

  • No broken or loose electrical conduit?

  • A clear space of 3' is maintained in front of electrical panel boxes?

  • No missing knockout plugs or junction box covers?

  • Electrical panel doors are maintained in the closed position at all times?

  • Electrical cords free of cracks & splices?

  • Extension cords free of cracks & splices?

  • No multi-plugs utilized in outlets?

  • Conduit, junction & panel boxes, outlets & monitors are free of dust and oil?

  • Ensure the electrical service panel is properly grounded?

  • Electrical panels properly labeled and marked?


  • Electrical in 4 satisfactory?

  • Smoking prohibited or confined to designated areas with receptacles provided?

  • Floors are free of cigarette butts, trash, & tripping hazards?

  • Pressurized cylinders secured in a rack or chained to a fixed object?

  • Floor area free of scrap lumber, packing material, & other tripping hazards?

  • All fluid leaks cleaned up immediately?

  • Exit marked & unobstructed?

  • Fire extinguishers clearly marked, accessible, fully charged, & annually serviced?

  • Class A fire extinguishers are accessible within 75' or less?

  • Class B fire extinguishers are accessible within 50' or less?

  • Housekeeping in excellent order?

  • Employees wearing proper protective equipment?

  • Hard Hat?

  • Steel/Composite Toe Boots?

  • Hearing Protection?

  • Eye Protection?

  • An 18" clear space is maintained below the sprinkler heads?

  • Posted load limits for deck & shelving?

Employee Observation/ Safe & Unsafe Acts Observed:

  • Comments:

Office, Storage, Display, Restroom, & Break Areas

  • Electrical in 4 are satisfactory?

  • Smoking prohibited or confined to designated areas with proper receptacles?

  • Floors are free of cigarette butts, trash, & tripping hazards?

  • Lunch areas & rest rooms are clean?

  • First aid kits are fully supplied?

  • Exits properly marked & unobstructed?

  • An 18" clear space is maintained below the sprinkler heads?

  • Emergency lighting with battery backup operates properly when test button is depressed?

  • Names of employees certified in first aid, CPR, & annually trained in blood borne pathogen with names posted on first aid kits?

  • Fire extinguishers clearly marked, accessible, fully charged, annually serviced, & accessible within 75' or less?

  • Hallways & storage rooms have clear pathways & aisles free of debis?

  • Step stools & small ladders available for reaching bookshelves?

  • Easy access to storage room boxes & supplies?

  • Emergency telephone numbers posted where all employees have access?

  • Emergency Evacuation Plan & Accident Procedures posted?

  • OSHA poster and other required legal posters where employees have access?

  • Emergency lighting with battery back up

  • Sidewalks and parking lots free of ice and snow in winter?

Office Ergonomics


  • Adjusted correctly to achieve correct posture - 90 degree angle at hips and knees, feet resting flat and comfortably on the floor or foot rest?

  • Forearms, wrists, &hands in straight line while using keyboard?

  • Ample clearance to move legs under the desktop, workstation, or keyboard tray?

  • Chair provides some clearance behind knees when seated against the backrest?


  • Directly in front of the employee while at the keyboard?

  • Top of monitor at or just below eye level?

  • Positioned an arm's length away?

  • Reflection/glare on the screen is minimized either by tilting monitor or using ant-glare filter?

  • Document holder used to place materials as close to the monitor as possible, and at the same distance & height?

  • Employee knows how to adjust monitor's brightness and contrast to a comfortable level?

  • Computer screen is clear?


  • Overhead lighting does not cause glare on work surfaces?

  • Task lighting is used to illuminate work surfaces?

  • Glare on work surfaces is reduced through the use of window shades, blinds, or anti-glare filter on computer screen?


  • Frequently used items or materials are within easy reach?

  • Temperature in the work area is maintained at a comfortable level?

  • Employee takes frequent breaks to allow joints and muscles to rest?

  • Noise levels in work area are at a comfortable and non-distracting level?

  • Comments:

  • Safety Officer

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