• Due: On Fuel Burn
    Cat: 13,000 Litres
    ISX @ 11,000 Litres
    EGR @ 14,000 Litres
    E5 @ 16,000 Litres
    Detroit: 20,000 Litres


  • Fleet number:

  • Speedo:


  • Record the date and odometer reading in maintenance record

  • Check for type of service due

  • Check for repairs due


  • Change engine oil and filters

  • Change fuel filters

  • Change add-blue filter

  • Adjust brakes

  • Adjust clutch

  • Remove serpentine belt, check adjusters and pulleys for wear and bearing noise

  • Check wear in pitman arm, drag arm, tie rods and spring shackles

  • Check batteries

  • Overall inspection, including structure, bodywork and any loose components

  • Was an A Service done

Check over

  • Check engine oil

  • Oil added

  • Litres

  • Check coolant level

  • Check power steering level

  • Tyre pressures (Monday/Tuesday)

  • Check tyre wear

  • Inspect and listen for air leaks

  • Check fuel lines or leaks and deterioration

  • Check exhaust system. Report any rusting, damage or alterations to the muffler/ exhaust system

  • Check condition and position of intake and exhaust system seals

  • Check function of temperature controlled cooling fan

  • Check valve covers and oil sump are not damaged, leaking and/or displaced

  • Purge air tanks, report any oil in system

  • General inspection of vehicle

  • Scrape turn table

  • Check fault codes

  • Check ad blue level


  • Extras performed and comments

  • Photo reports

  • Sign

  • Sign

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