• Is the published audit programme being fulfilled as per plan?

  • Are external suppliers being managed through the audit plan? Are external audits being accomplished per the published audit schedule?

  • Are task audits being accomplished per structured working week schedule?

Occurrence Reports

  • Is the weekly report spreadsheet up to date (Within 7 days) and populated with relevant descriptors?

  • Are occurrence reports being assigned in a timely manner?

Technical Publications Review

  • Is there evidence to demonstrate that EASA and CAA regulatory updates and notices are being reviewed and actioned accordingly?

  • Are procedure amendments being controlled and actioned in a timely manner?

  • Are QL0028 fabrication requests being actioned in a timely manner?

Authorisations and Approvals

  • Sample three company members SAP qualification records and check all mandatory training has been accomplished and remains valid?

  • Review current list of contract agency staff and sample three candidates to ensure all mandatory training has been accomplished and remains valid?

Mandatory Training

  • Check Mandatory read sign off record to ensure group compliance

  • Sample two colleagues training profile for HF compliance

  • Sample two colleagues ASCEND profile to ensure no outstanding training within the next 14 days. Any found must be added to weekly Planner for confirmation of completion at next team meeting

Coordination of Training

  • Is the Classroom visual management board accurate, up to date and aligned with the classroom calendar?

  • Has the current weeks ASCEND compliance report been issued?

  • Has the Compliance Dashboard report been distributed per schedule?

  • Check all classrooms for condition and presentation

  • Is there a published training programme for the next seven days?

Office Administration

  • Have Time Life reports been distributed per QL0053 schedule?

  • Is incoming documentation being managed and cleared in a timely manner? Licence updates, QL003 applications, Contractor CVs etc

  • Are the H&S and Quality Forum packs at an appropriate stage of readiness for the scheduled forums?

  • Is the Newsbrief information being supplied on time and per requirement?

Monitoring of H&S

  • Are tool box talks being conducted on a monthly basis?

  • Are all Doctors reports actioned in a timely manner?

  • Mask fit monitoring. Consider the following: Has the most recent Monday report been issued? Has People Online been updated? Is the failure spreadsheet accurate and have managers been notified?

  • Are Lost Time Injuries being monitored and recorded via the tracker?

H&S Inspections

  • H&S Inspections - Are inspections being carried out per schedule?

  • Sample two actions from a recent inspection to verify appropriate closure

  • Are findings being communicated to relevant colleagues?

SOAR Cards

  • Is the SOAR card database updated on a daily basis?

  • Are trend analysis reports being created and communicated as a result of SOAR reports?

Office Housekeeping

  • Review the office condition for general cleanliness and appearance. Consider the following as a minimum: Desks cleared at end of shift, window sills clear, PER books cleared, 'Kitchen' area clean and presentable, white boards managed to reflect current status and cleared of outdated info, no visible hazards that could present a risk of injury, slip, trip, fall etc.

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