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General Safety

  • OSHA 300 A log posted

  • MSDS available

  • Personnel wearing proper PPE ( earplugs, safety glasses, gloves, face shields when cutting or grinding, work boots)

  • Exits clearly marked and unobstructed

  • Eye wash station functional and accessible

  • First aid kit fully stocked

  • Are all flammable materials stored in designated labeled case

  • Are breaker boxes secured

  • Are all walkways clear

  • Are fire extinguisher charged and tagged

Hard Wired Equipment.

  • Emergency stop buttons functional

  • Guards in place

  • Are the LOTO procedures clearly posted and enforced

  • All operators have been trained

Loading and Crating.

  • Loads are secured and softeners used<br>

  • Ladders used to access back of flatbeds

  • Trucks backed in tight to stairs

  • Stairs in good condition and handrail in place

  • Nail gun operating properly, safety functioning

Fork Lift

  • Daily inspection log completed

  • All hoses in place and in good condition

  • Seatbelt in place and functional

  • Wheels in good condition

  • Propane tank secured and in good condition

  • Horn functioning

Material Yard.

  • All material stacked properly

  • Are walking and surface areas intact, free of clutter or debris

  • Are all propane tanks in flammable case

CNC machines.

  • Emergency stop button functional

  • Automated systems check

  • Are vacuum systems operational

  • Laser guards fully functional

  • Any unusual sounds

  • Walk ways clear of clutter or debris

Saw Stations

  • Guards in place <br>

  • Is the LOTO procedure clearly posted and enforced

  • All operators have been properly trained

  • Material stacked correctly and walkways are clear of debris

Pistorius Saw

  • Guards in place

  • Pneumatic system functional and in good condition

  • LOTO procedure posted and enforced

  • Personnel wearing custom PPE designated for area (double hearing protection, goggles, face shield, higher grade gloves)

Assembly Line

  • Personnel wearing proper PPE ( earplugs, safety glasses, gloves, face shields when cutting or grinding, work boots)

  • Power tools functional, guards in place, cords in good condition and grounded

  • Pneumatic tools stored above head level

  • Are they any tripping hazards (Cords, stock material, debris, tools)

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