General Housekeeping & Safety

  • Is evacuation plan clearly posted?

  • Are all exits clear, unobstructed and marked?

  • Are the first aid stations fully stocked and their locations marked?

  • Are the fire extinguishers clearly marked?

  • Are extinguishers easy to access and have proper clearance (36”)?

  • Do extinguishers all have current Monthly and Annual sign offs?

  • Are secondary chemical containers labeled?

  • Is SDS binder kept in an accessible location?

  • Is proper PPE available and being used for all required jobs/tasks?

  • Is the forklift and accessories in good working condition?

  • Are forklifts being inspected prior to each shift?

  • Is the general appearance of the plant clean and uncluttered?

  • Are aisles and walkways clear of debris, product, and all trip hazards?

  • Are electrical panels clearly marked and unobstructed?

  • Have all cords been inspected for damage?

  • Are Lockout/Tagout procedures attached to each piece of equipment?

  • Are all guards secured and in proper working condition?

  • Are the daily Emergency Stop inspections being completed?

  • Are all ladders inspected monthly and before use?

  • Is the racking bolted to the floor and in good condition?

  • Do all cross members have a pin in place to prevent accidental movement?

  • Are heavier items stored on the lower levels of the pallet racking?

MBI Divisions Only

  • Are the insulation rolls stacked straight and even with minimal leaning?

  • Are the rolls stacked that allow for a 4’ walkway to all doors?

  • Are rolls stacked in a manner that protects people walking in the aisle?

  • Are insulation rolls stacked to the correct heights?

  • Are all facing rolls properly secured with straps and chocks?

Additional Comments

  • Additional Comments:

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