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PPE and Safety Systems/Procedures

  • The worker are using the proper PPE's:<br>safety shoes/ lab coat or Tyvek suit/ safety glasses/ earplugs/ gloves/ mask

  • The worker knows the PPE/MSDS to use when handling chemical substances

  • The fume hood is used during the handling of chemical products

  • There are not blocked: <br>Emergency exits/ fire related equipments/eyewash/emergency shower

  • The spill kit is available in the lab and people know it's location and how to use

  • In QA activities performed at productive areas, the safety rules are being fulfilled

  • The workers know their meeting point

  • The workers know the medical emergency number and the general emergency number

Tools and Equipments

  • Stairs and harness are used safely

  • The worker only use safety cutting knives

  • In case of danger there are signposting in equipments

General Safety

  • The substances are stored according their typology/danger

  • The containers are labeled appropriately and the content is within validity

  • There is no food or drink in workplace


  • Whenever there's manual lifting, right postures are observed

  • Correct desk posture (adjust monitor position/chair/light)


  • Is the rubbish placed in appropriate containers, kept closed and labled?

  • Is the waste placed in appropriate containers, kept closed and labled?


  • Was identified any risk behaviour that it is not mentioned above?<br>What:

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