Title Page


  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Pre-Inspection Record Search

  • Was all Airworthiness Directives complied with

Was all Service Bulletins complied with

When was the last ATC Transponder test completed

  • Select date

100 hrs. Inspection Engine

  • Is the 100 hour due

Left-hand Engine

  • Engine Model

  • Engine Serial Number

  • Visual Check Engine compartment for condition and any fluid leaks

  • Located Engine Oil Filter and check for security and leaks

  • Find procedure to Inspect Engine Oil Separator and clean filter element

  • Provide Maintenance Manual Reference

  • Inspect Induction Manifold for Security

  • Inspect and Clean Induction Air Filter

  • Provide Maintenance Manual Reference

  • Inspect Oil Pressure System Security, Leaks, Bends in the Lines and Leaks

  • Provide Maintenance Manual Reference

  • Inspect Engine Mounts

  • Inspect Engine Compartment Hoses; check for deterioration, discoloration, leaks and stiffness of rubber hoses

  • Inspect Engine Compartment's wire bundles

  • Perform Compression Check #1 Cylinder

  • Perform compression Check #2 Cylinder

  • Perform Compression Check on #3 Cylinder

  • Perform Compression Check on #4 Cylinder

  • Perform Compression Check on #5 Cylinder

  • Perform Compression Check on #6 Cylinder

  • Inspect Crankcase and Sump for for cracks and evidence of leakage

  • Inspect Ignition Cables for security and condition

  • Inspect Magneto for Security

  • Inspect Alternator for Security

  • Inspect Starter for Security

  • Inspect Propeller Governor Security, Condition and Leaks

  • Inspect Fuel Pump for Security and Leaks

  • Inspect Exhaust System (Refer to the Engine Exhaust System) DO NOT REMOVE EXHAUST SYSTEM FROM ENGINE!!!!

  • visual inspection of engine cylinders

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