At Home

Fueled up...

  • Is the car full of fuel?

  • Is the boat full of fuel?

  • Boat trailer tyres inflated properly?

Is the trailer connected to car correctly?

  • Is the towbar riser attached and secure?

  • Is the trailer latch secure?

  • Is the electrical plug connected to car?

  • Are the chains connected to the car and crossed?

  • Is the hand brake off and in "open" position?

  • Is the lock attached to the towbar coupling?

  • Take photo of Lock on trailer coupling.

  • Do the brake lights work?

  • Which ones don't work?

  • Do both indicators work?

  • Which ones don't work?

Is the boat tied down correctly?

  • Have you taken the cover off the boat?

  • Are the rear straps secure and tight?

  • Fixed?

  • Is the front strap secure and tight?

  • Fixed?

  • Is the winch strap and chain connected to the boat?

  • Is the winch handle in the car?

  • Is the ladder up and secure?

  • Is the Bimini strapped down?

  • Are you ready to leave?

  • Take photo of boat on back of car

Legal requirements...

  • Oars

  • 20L Fuel drum

  • 20L Water drum

  • Life Jackets for 7

  • V Sheet

  • Licence

At boat ramp

Getting boat ready for water...

  • Is the Bimini untied and erected?

  • Have both rear straps been released and stored?

  • Has the front strap been released and stored?

  • Has the chain been undone and the winch connected?

  • Are the keys in the boat?

  • Is the BUNG plug in?


  • Are you doing water sports?

  • Ropes in boat?

  • Tube rope

  • Ski Rope

  • Wake boards in boat?

  • Coby's

  • Nato's

  • Knee boards in boat?

  • Water skis in boat?

  • Tow tube in boat?

  • Hats and sun cream?

  • Does everyone on board have a lifevest?

  • Are you fishing?

  • All rods in boat?

  • Tackle in boat?

  • Bucket for fish?

  • Hats and sun cream?

  • Bait?

Launching the boat

Everything ready to go...

  • Does everyone have towels on the boat?

  • Is the BUNG plug in?

  • Sign

  • Let's rock

  • Photo bomb!!!

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