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  • Include evidence of findings for each question. Evidence can include copies of documents such as registers, photos of sample of people (eg: PPE), forklift, and noticeboards.


  • Is the Healthy and Safety (HSE) Policy displayed in a prominent position (for example on noticeboard)?<br>(VVP-02-HSE and Quality Policies)

  • Is there an up to date risk risk register for the site?<br>(IMS-36-Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)

First Aid

  • Safe Work Australia - First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice

  • NZ - DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR HEALTH & SAFETY First Aid for Workplaces – A Good Practice Guide

  • Are first aiders trained to the site risk assessment? (for example Occupational First Aider, Provide First Aid etc)<br>

  • Are first aiders names, location and contact details displayed around the site in prominant locations for workers to refer to in the event of requiring first aid response?

  • Are first aid facilities available and stock maintained?<br>(First aid kits replenished, First aid room clean and stocked, stock suitable for the site risks, room and kits accessible and number of kits appropriate for the size and number of persons on site)


  • IMS-01-08-GROUP-EN: About Operational Management Commitments and Responsibilities for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

  • What is the sites consultation arrangement?

  • Does the site have HSR's (as per sites consultation requirements)?

  • Are Health and Safety meetings minuted and can they be provided as evidence?<br>(attach copy of minutes)

  • Is the site compliant with own site PPE requirements, and do the requirements comply with local regulatory recommendations/guidance and Linde PPE requirements?<br>(IMS-27-PPE)


  • FLT-01 - About Forklifts

  • FLT-02 - Hazards and Safety

  • FLT-03 - Forklift Operations

  • Are pre-start checks completed daily and recorded for all site forklifts?

  • Are forklifts serviced at specific intervals?

  • Enter last Service Date of forklift

  • Equipment
  • Model

  • Service date

  • Safe Work Australia - A High Risk licence is required for High Risk work and includes:
    Forklift truck - Use of a forklift truck other than an order picking forklift truck
    Order picking forklift truck - Use of an order picking forklift truck
    Licences are issued by state regulators

  • NZ - Approved Code of Practice

  • Are all forklift operators licensed for the forklift being used?

Health Monitoring

  • IMS-28-06-GROUP : Noise Management and Hearing Conservation

  • Has the site included in the preventive maintence program health monitoring, including a two yearly hearing test in place?

  • Is there a current noise survey for the site where it has been identified as required?

Hazardous Chemicals Compliance

  • Does the site have a current asbestos register where a risk assessment has identified as required? <br>(IMS-28-03-RSP : Asbestos Management in the South Pacific)

Emergency Response Management

  • IMS-25 - Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Emergency Response

  • Does the site have a site Emergency Plan?

  • Has the emergency plan been updated in the last 12 months?

  • Has the emergency drill been conducted in the last 6 months?

  • Enter date of last emergency drill

  • Attach copy of emergency drill debriefing, demonstrating that requirement to document.

  • Are of evacuation procedures displayed in prominent positions in the workplace (for example, on a noticeboard at the workplace).

  • Australia - WHS Regulations, clause 43(1)(c) or specific state legislation

  • Do you have a service report for fire fighting equipment (e.g. extinguisher and hose reels) demonstrating that the equipment has been inspected and is in test date?<br>Attach evidence

  • Australia - WHS Regulations, clause 359(1)(c) or specific state legislation

Hazardous Chemicals

  • A HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS REGISTER is a list of the product names of all the hazardous chemicals used, handled or stored at the workplace. The register is used for inventory management processes. This is typically managed in Chemalert

  • Is there a Hazardous Chemicals Register for the hazardous chemicals on the site?

  • A HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS MANIFEST is different from a Hazardous Chemicals Register. A Hazardous Chemicals Manifest is a written summary of specific types and quantities of hazardous chemicals with their physicochemical hazards and acute toxicity listed; that are used, handled or stored at a workplace. This is typically managed in Chemalert

  • Does the site have a Hazardous Chemicals Manifest for the Hazardous Chemicals on site?

  • Does the Hazardous Chemicals identfied on site match the manifest? (ie quantities not exceeded)<br>(include comments is quantities differ)

  • Does the site have procedures for Hazardous chemical spills?

  • Australia - WHS Regulations, clause 357 or specific state legislation

  • Does the site have the required equipment to contain Hazardous chemical spills (i.e.: spill kits)?

  • Are you able to access current Globally Harmonised System (GHS) compliant Safety Data Sheets?

  • Safe Work Australia - Hazardous Chemicals

  • Is the site HAZCHEM Registered?

  • Are Hazardous Chemicals diamonds displayed?

  • Signage should not be faded
    This is an image of a faded sign that needs replacing

    Hazchem Faded.png
  • Signage needs to be clear, visible and in colour

    Hazchem colour.png
  • Is the existing Hazardous chemicals signage visible and in good condition ?

  • Have staff on site completed the training and assessment for Hazardous chemical hazards stored on site and is this documented?

End of Audit

  • Is there anything else you would like to include?

  • Comments
  • Add comments or any observations

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  • Site Manager

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