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  • Make:

  • Model:

  • Serial#:

  • Equip#:

  • Is the structure and components secured and undamaged?

  • Take a picture of the damage.

  • Are the tires in good condition?

  • Take a picture of the tires that are in bad condition.

  • Do all functions operate properly?

  • Take a picture of the controls not operating correctly.

  • Are all safety devices intact and functional?

  • Take a picture of the damaged safety devices.

  • Are all operational and safety decals present and ledgible?

  • Take picture missing or damaged decals.

  • Is the operators manual attached?

  • Take a picture of where the manual should be.

  • Is the battery fully charged/fueled?

  • Quantaty fueled?

  • Is the appearance acceptable?

  • Add a picture of why it is not acceptable.

  • Cable tracking?

  • Horse head bolts?

  • Was there any other damage found?

  • Add photos of the damages.

  • is there any damage on the extended boom?

  • Add photos of the damage.

  • Comments?

Customer Acknowledgement

  • The safety and performance of this equipment has been verified. I am responsible for routine service and cleaning of the equipment. I understand the correct operation and function of the controls and confirm thath i have recieved adequate instruction and scknowledge the safety sheet to enable myself and/or my crew to use the equipment in a safe and proper manner without risk to injury.

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