Housekeeping and General Access

1.0 Housekeeping and General Access

1.1 Are walkways, routes and work areas unobstructed by rubbish, trailing leads, equipment / materials etc?

1.2 Has B&C operatives taken corrective action to protect / barrier off openings / areas which could cause injury?

1.3 Have sharp edges in work area been made safe before commencing work?

1.4 Are materials stacked / stored neatly, safely & away from access routes?

1.5 Are gangways, staircases, work areas with sufficient lighting and emergency lighting?

1.6 Are all places / areas where people are working in have safe means of access and egress?

1.7 Are edges (fall from height) protected with secure barriers and edge protection?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:

Access to Heights

2.0 Access to Heights

2.1 Are mobile towers / podiums displaying an in-date scaff-tag?

2.2 Are mobile towers / podiums being used correctly (e.g. non-surf type & wheels locked)?

2.3 Does the person signing mobile tower scaff-tag hold an in-date PASMA (or equivalent) card?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:

Plant and Equipment

3.0 Plant and Equipment

3.1 Is plant / equipment in good condition and is being used for the purpose it was designed for?

3.2 Are all moving parts of plant suitably guarded / protected as per design and manufacture?

3.3 Has electrical plant / equipment, that requires PAT inspection, been tested and displays an in-date sticker / tag (3 Monthly)?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

4.0 Personal Protective Equipment

4.1 Are all B&C operatives / personnel on site wearing all the site required PPE?

4.2 Is additional PPE being worn as required (i.e. ear protection, PP2 dust mask etc.)?

4.3 Is PPE in good condition and worn correctly (i.e fingers on gloves not cut down, hi-vis clean and not cut down, boots with midsole.)?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:

Site Services (Equipment, Welfare etc.)

5.0 Site Services (Equipment, Welfare etc)

5.1 Are site services safe for use (110v transformers, undammaged electrical connections / fittings or vulnerable electric cables.)?

5.2 Are toilets clean, tidy and well provisioned?

5.3 Are B&C operatives working in adequate task lighting and conditions?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:


6.0 Fire

6.1 Are fire points with fire extinguishers, alarm, signage in place and unobstructed?

6.2 Have combustible materials been removed / reduced, controlled to reduce fire spread (LPG, paints, timber, cardboard, combustible packaging etc.)?

6.3 Are hot works procedures being adhered to?

6.4 Are B&C operatives / personnel observing the site smoking rules?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:


7.0 Materials

7.1 Are hazardous materials being used correctly?

7.2 Is agreed manual handling method being observed?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:

Safe Systems of Work

8.0 Safe Systems of Work

8.1 Has B&C operative been inducted and aware of the site emergency systems (first aid, fire assembly point.)?

8.2 Has the operative read, understood and signed the task method statement?

General Comments:

Inspected by B&C Supervisor / Manager:
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.