1. Site security

  • Are plans in place?

  • Signing in/out procedure enforced?

  • Contractors can be identified on site e.g. Id badges provided and warn?

  • Suitable hoarding in place?

  • Suitable and sufficient segregation of construction and store/public areas?

  • Adequate safety signage to notify staff, public and operatives?

  • Security guard appointed and at post?

  • Deliveries adequately managed?

2. Construction site environment

  • Records that regular (fire,health,safety) walks are being undertaken?

  • Sufficient housekeeping observed?

  • Good cable management observed?

  • Any inappropriate use of M&S equipment?

  • Appropriate storage area?

3. Personal Protective Equipment

  • Suitable PPE identified within RAMS?

  • Minimum PPE being worn in line with M&S policy?

4. Welfare and First aid

  • Sufficient number of first aiders nominated?

  • Up to date first aid training records provided?

  • Accident book available?

  • If accident book identifies injuries has it been reported?

  • First aid facilities appropriate?

  • Adequate toilets and hand washing?

  • Adequate mess area?

  • M&S Facilities used with respect?

5. Fire and Emergency

  • Sites pacific emergency plan in place?

  • Fire risk assessment reviewed?

  • Escape routes unobstructed?

  • Emergency systems operational and means of raising alarm in place?

  • Fire fighting equipment appropriate for task?


  • Substances registered and approved by callous (choose 3substances)?

  • Are COSHH assessments for substances available on site?

  • Substances being used appropriately?

7. Traffic /Vehicle Management

  • Traffic management plan in place?

  • Safe delivery routes established?

  • Safe access pedestrian route maintained for staff and members of the public?

  • Normal routines of the store maintained?

8. Work at height

  • Step ladders minimised and authorisation process in place?

  • Statutory scaffolding inspections?

  • Evidence of MEWPs are inspected?

  • Are those erecting scaffolds PASMA/CISRS trained?

  • Are MEWP operators adequately trained and training records available?

  • Appropriate access equipment being used for tasks?

  • Safe use of access equipment observed?

  • Scaffold tags in place?

9. Occupational Health

  • Have noisy activities or those involving significant vibration been identified?

  • Evidence of noise monitoring?

  • Evidence of vibration monitoring?

  • Contractor able to provide detail on known asbestos?

  • Dust levels kept to a minimum?

  • Noisy operations adequately controlled?

10. Documentation

  • Actions from previous safety audit have been rectified?

  • Evidence that the construction phase H&S plan updated following change?

  • RAMS review and approval process in place?

  • FHS risk register up to date?

  • If permits to work required then is a process in place to notify M&S?

  • FHS inspections/audits undertaken by contracts managers/health and safety manager?

  • F10 displayed on site?

  • H&S law poster displayed and completed?

  • H&S policy statement posted and in date?

11. Training and promotion of health and safety

  • Site safety inspections undertaken?

  • Inductions undertaken and recorded?

  • Relevant toolbox talks undertaken and recorded?

  • Site managers /supervisors met all requirements on training data base?

  • Minimum requirements on training data base?

  • Good promotion of H&S through site. E.g. Good use of notice boards, tool box talks, etc?

12. Management of Asbestos work?

  • Copy of ASB survey report available?

  • Are ASB emergency procedures understood?

  • Asbestos awareness training complete for site management?

  • Authorisation - Site Manager

  • Authorisation - Auditor

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