• Customer name

  • Vehicle Discription

  • Vehicle mileage

  • License plate # .... & Province if not Alberta

  • Inspection Started

  • Technician

  • Inspection Completed


  • Does the vehicle have any noticeable damage?

  • Detail area of damage

Test drive

  • Test drive

Visual inspection Items

  • Transmission fluid

  • Brake fluid

  • % moisture content

  • Power steering fluid

  • Window washer fluid

  • Cooling system

  • Freeze Point Deg C

  • CV Axles

  • Engine air filter

  • Cabin air filter

  • Windshield wipers and windshield

  • Oil leaks

  • Exhaust system

  • Drive belt

  • Air conditioning and heating & Defrost

  • Battery and terminals & Condition

  • Battery load test in Cold Cranking Amps

  • Charging system Out Put V

  • Cranking Volts

  • Operation of Block Heater

Operation of Horn, Interior lights, exterior lights, Auxiliary lights

  • Horn

  • Day Time Running Lights

  • Head lights Hi & Low beam

  • Marker Lights including Lic. plate

  • Turn signals front and rear

  • Brake lights including high mount

  • Reverse Lights

  • Auxiliary lighting including Fog Lights

  • Detail any electrical defects found.

  • Detail any electrical problems found?

  • Add media

BRAKES visual inspection only without removal of wheels

  • General brake operation during test drive

  • Visual only inspection without removing tires for access or measurement

  • Add media


  • Tires, General condition, correct size for the vehicle, sidewall cracking or impact damage.

  • Tire pressure Front

  • Tire pressure Rear

  • Front left tire

  • Front right tire

  • Left rear tire

  • Right rear tire

  • Add media

Suspension System: visual inspection only

  • Front Struts or Shocks

  • Front Springs, Torsion Bars, etc.

  • Rear Struts or Shocks

  • Rear Coil Springs, Leafs, Air Suspension

  • Add media


  • Optional notes:

  • Technician initials

  • Add media

Brake Inspection

  • Was a Comprehensive Brake Inspection completed at this time?

  • Time Started

  • Time Completed

  • Technician

Front Brakes Complete Inspection

  • Brake Master Cylinder

  • % moisture contamination

  • Brake lines and Hoses

  • General condition

  • Add media

Front Brakes

  • Front Friction Material

  • Front Rotors

  • Add media

Rear Brakes

  • Rear Pads or Shoes

  • Rear Rotors or Drums

  • Park Brake Friction (if separate from Rear
    Service Brakes)

  • Park Brake Operation / Adjustment

  • Axle Seals where the have or may contaminate Friction Material

  • Add media


  • Ball joints

  • Tie Rods

  • Steering Rack or Gear

  • Idler Arm / Pitman Arm (if equipped)

  • Other steering linkage

  • Steering shaft

  • Any visible alignment problems indicated by: handling, pull or drift, abnormal tire wear?

  • Details of problems if any

  • Add media

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