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Centre Entrance/External Areas

  • Is the entrance clean and tidy?

  • Entrance doors are in good working order and any glass is free from smudges?

  • All fire exits have been checked to ensure there are no blockages and they can open freely?

  • Has any litter been swept up? (if present)


  • Is the reception area clean and tidy?

  • Is the colleague(s) manning the reception in dress code?

  • Are the reception team ensuring all visitors are signed in?

  • Has the reception team inducted any new contractors by going through the Contractor Induction Checklist?

  • Does it look inviting to visitors?

  • Is the Citibase Press Release folder readily available and up to date?

  • Are 'Wet Floor' signs readily available and displayed when required in the reception?

  • Is a First Aid Kit present and well stocked with in date products?

Communal Areas

  • Are all corridors/stairwells clean with no blockages?

  • Are floors clear with no spillages/trip hazards identified?

  • Are hand rails in place if required?

  • Is the lift clean and in good working order? (if present)

  • Is all lighting in working order?

  • Are fire exits/escape routes in the building kept clear at all times and checked regularly?

  • Is fire fighting equipment easily accessible, this must be kept clear and available at all times?

  • Are fire doors kept closed at all times? (unless mag lock doors)

  • Are toilets clean and well stocked?

  • Has the shower(s) if present been checked for cleanliness and in good working order?

  • Is the breakout/tea point(s) clean and well stocked?

  • Are 'Wet Floor' signs displayed in toilets/breakout areas if required?

  • Is the plant room(s) and cleaning cupboard(s) kept locked shut at all times to prevent unauthorised persons entering?

  • Please note any observations and follow up to ensure they are resolved.

  • Please sign once all actions have been resolved.

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