• Built In Quality Assessment

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Standardised Work

Standard Operation Sheets (SOS) Production + HSE

  • Have SOS sheets been implemented for all equipment and processes?

  • Is a program in place to monitor level of creation and implementation of existing SOS?

  • Is there a process to review, improve and periodical change SOS based on findings (planned and respected)?

  • Is SOS strictly followed by operators?

  • Is Standard Work for leaders in place and followed?

Training, Skill and Cell Certification

  • Is a flexibility (multiple-skill) matrix in place and implemented including target?

  • Is training scheduled an schedule plan is respected?

  • Is there training for new operators outside the production line eg dexterity school?

  • Are operators individual skills certified?

  • Is there team recognition of good performance and results?

Standard Combination Sheet

  • Is a process in place to periodically review or improve Standard Combination Sheets based on findings?

Process Change Log (6M Changes)

Planned Change

  • Does NPI planning, information flow down to operators?

  • Is info of planned change communicated on 6M board?

  • Is a tracking system in place for changes?

Unplanned Change

  • Is information of unplanned change communicated on the 6M board?

  • Are unplanned changes included in escalation process?

  • Is there an internal 8D/RCA system in place and functional?

  • Is there a tracking system in place for changes and reaction?

Visual Management

Data Driven Process Control.

  • Is capability data collection in place and SPC used for critical characteristics?

  • Is a plan in place to perform regular analysis of control chart, Cpk etc?

  • Is a system in place to perform continuous improvement for process capabilities?

  • Is RTY/FPY yield data collection in place for critical processes?

  • Is a system in place to hourly track rework or rejected parts?

  • Is system in place to identify and separate the scrap and rework part flow?

  • Are visual systems in place, installed on the lines?

  • Are layered audits in place and execution plan is respected?


  • Is 5S system in place and effective, with clear standard quality points?


Escalation Process, Andon To Stop And Fix The Problem

  • Is quality performance visualised on performance boards (eg customer PPM, internal PPM, cost of scrap, quality pyramid)?

  • Do operators have possibility and authority to stop the line?

  • Are clear responsibilities assigned with defined triggers (eg #scrap/rework, SPC, PY) to start escalation)?

  • Is system in place and functional for visual tracking of issues?

  • Is system in place for improvement at all levels?

Elimination cause of defects

Rapid Problem Solving

  • Are trigger points for Root Cause Analysis defined?

  • Is there a system visual system in place to understand the actual status of Root Cause Analysis / 8D?

  • Are six sigma tools utilised (DMAIC)?

  • Are customer response times for 8D, information on time?


  • Are kaizen's generated and kaizen events planed to resolve quality issues ie error proofing?

Prevention cause of quality escapes

Quality Assurance MatrixIs

  • Is there a defined model for QAM (manual activities)?

  • Are clear responsibility assigned for QAM (who implements, who follows)?

  • Is QAM clearly linked to Standard Operation Sheets (refer quality points)?

Protect The Customer

  • Is there a PFMEA RPN score reduction program in place?

  • Are control plans and Standard Operation Sheets updated and linked to PFMEA?

  • Are CARE / Quality gates linked with Andon system and rapid Problem Solving?

  • Is early production containment linked with Andon and rapid problem solving?

Error Proofing

  • Is there a list of error proofing, classification and owner established?

  • Is there a reaction plan in case of malfunction (through escalation process)?

  • Is effectiveness of error proofing checked?

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