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HR Basics

  • Audit Personnel Files

  • 1. Confirm active and terminated personnel files are in a locked filing cabinet. Medical documentation should be separate from associate files.

  • 2. Confirm active associate personnel files are organized alphabetically by last name

  • 3. Confirm terminated associate personnel files are organized alphabetically by last name and by year of termination

  • 4. Randomly audit five personnel files to ensure they contain appropriate documentation. All post-Workday files should include completed interview guide and signed PAT reviews. (Note: Pre-Workday files should include an associate application.)

  • 5. Confirm the store has a file for non-selected candidates with completed interview guides, alphabetized by last name per year.

  • 6. Ask SM or ASM to log into Workday and review for open tasks.

  • Audit Medical Files

  • 1. Confirm medical files for both termed and active associates are in a locked filling cabinet or in a secure location and are separate from associate personnel files.

  • 2. Confirm active associate medical files are organized alphabetically by last name

  • 3. Confirm terminated associate medical files are organized alphabetically by last name and by year of termination.

  • 4. Confirm associates on medical/discretionary leave are updated in Workday.

  • Audit I-9 Files

  • 1. Confirm that all I-9's have been verified in workday within the 3 day grace period.

  • 2. Number of Auto Terms (If more than 1 mark a no for this item.)

  • Number of Auto Terms

  • B-Time

  • 1. Confirm availability guidelines are being followed and entered in B-Time.

  • 2. Validate any accommodations have been approved by RHRM, prior to entry. Accommodation request should be filled out and filed in the personnel file.

  • 3. Confirm employees are using B-time to enter request off's and are utilizing the shift post and swapping process.

  • 4. Confirm that SM or ASM can speak to benefits of employees using B-Time Swapping. Validate the SM or ASM is aware of one skill, multiple Job requirements.

  • 5. Speak to 2 associates to see if they know how to use B-time and if they are aware of the ability to post, pick up and swap shifts.

  • 6. List the number of:

  • Shift Swaps

  • Shifts Posted

  • Shifts Picked Up

  • Is the store utilizing B-time to drive personnel Ownership for the schedule?

  • Life Cycle of an Associate

  • 1. Confirm the SM or ASM can speak to the life cycle of an associate.

  • 2. Verify the Hiring Signs/ Decals are posted. Great Place to Work decals should be posted as well.

  • 3. Validate the store is conducting realistic job previews during interviews.

  • 4. Verify the associates is completing eLearning trainings prior to going to the floor

  • 5. Confirm the store is utilizing the buddy program for the first 1-2 shifts & have met the Your Voice Team.

  • 6. Validate the 2 week, 30, 60 & 90 day touchbases are taking place.

  • Audit Attendance Policy

  • 1. Identify 5 Active associates whose points total warrant corrective action and verify corrective action is in the attendance binder.


  • Audit WOTC Compliance

  • 1. Validate knowledge of WOTC process with the Management team.

  • 2. Review all Associates on the Corporate list to validate stores completed WOTC process with all outstanding associates.



  • 1. Is the store 100% staffed by department, including all Flex and LP positions filled.

  • 2. Does the store have three Evergreen Req's posted in ICIMS?

  • Number posted

  • 3. Number of scheduled interviews


  • Open Door Policy/ Integrity Hotline/ STEPS Posted

  • 1. Confirm all required materials are posted and contacts updated

  • Store Associate Career Path

  • 1. Confirm store has poster posted in associate lounge and eLearning room

  • 2. Confirm the store has supervisor and FT openings posted by time clock

  • 3. Confirm the store has job interest forms posted

  • Anniversary/ Birthday Recognition Posted

  • 1. Confirm the store has monthly birthday's and anniversaries posted.

  • Associate Recognition Awards Posted

  • 1. Validate the store is utilizing the company recognition programs to improve engagement and reduce turn over. (IE Brags, Bringing Smiles, and Smile Alerts.)

  • 2. Confirm the store has recent Brags posted

  • Perfect Attendance

  • 1. Does the store have Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly perfect attendance posted & they are recognized at store Rally

  • Bulletin/ Table Talkers

  • 1. Does the store have the most current Bulletin posted on table?

  • Schedules Posted

  • 1. Validate the store has published their schedules per the company directive

  • Review all required Fed., St., and City Legal Postings

  • 1. Confirm all Materials Posted

  • 2. Cross-reference with the Federal & State postings checklist

  • Voice Board

  • 1. Confirm Your Voice Board is updated with Current action plan and Committee notes

  • 2. Confirm proper dimensions are posted from most recent YV results


  • Dress code

  • 1. Confirm all associates are in proper attire

  • Name badges

  • 1. Verify all associates all wearing name badges

  • Safety

  • 1. Validate the store does not have any safety issues.

  • Customer Service

  • 1. Validate they are smiling & greeting

  • 2. Confirm the cashiers are executing FAST

  • 3. Verify CSS & Cashier observations

  • 4. Ask what CS goal is, what current scores are & # of surveys this week/month

  • Associate Relations

  • 1. Talk to at least 3 Associates and solicit feedback regarding engagement & activities

  • Rallies

  • 1. Is the store conducting consistent AM and PM Rallies

  • 2. Talk to at least 3 associates and solicit feedback on Rallies; identify if the store is holding them consistently and using them to improve recognition and engagement

  • Development

  • 1. Speak to at least one of the identified hi-potential candidates; review what they are working on; and access the level of leadership involvement

  • 2. Do all Management/Sups utilize their IDP for follow up development? Are the IDPS updated to reflect activity & accomplishments

  • Retention

  • 1. Validate the ASM or SM is able to speak to turnover goal. Check for retention goal action plan and laminated turnover spreadsheet is posted

  • 2. Make sure 5% comp sheet is posted


  • Overall Comments

  • Auditor Sign Off

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