• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Vendor name

  • Site Name

  • Site ID

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • What is the cabinet size & type?

  • Cabinet Serial nr

  • Cabinet Web nr

  • Is the environmental unit fitted in the cabinet?

  • Is front door actuator fitted?

  • Is the back door actuator fitted?

  • Is the front door limit switch fitted & working?

  • Is the back door limit switch fitted and working?

  • Is the Aircon fitted onto the cabinet?

  • Is the Ups fitted in the cabinet?

  • What size & type of power feed has been provided for the cabinet?

  • Is the power to the cabinet on a dedicated circuit?

Air conditioner

  • What size cooling unit has been installed?

  • What brand Aircon is installed?

  • Aircon serial nr

  • Aircon Web nr

  • What temperature is the Aircon set to?


  • What Brand Ups is installed?

  • What size ups is installed?

  • Ups Serial nr

  • Ups Web nr

  • Is the UPS modbus communications card installed & operational?

  • Has the modbus card been configured?

  • Has the external battery pack been installed and switched on?


  • Is the touch screen keypad installed?

  • Can both doors be opened from Hmi?

  • Is the UPS system values reading from Hmi?

  • Has the db9 connection been sealed & secured?

Environmental Unit

  • Which model environmental unit is installed?

  • Environmental Unit serial nr

  • Environmental Unit Web nr

  • Is the temp sensors installed and measuring?

  • Is the environmental unit earthed the the earth bar in the cabinet?

  • In what status has the change-over switch been set?

  • How has the IP address been configured?

  • Has screenshots been taken of the HMI? Including info page and other relevant info?

  • Has screenshots been taken of the overall installation?

  • Has yellow fly lead been installed?


  • Busicor Comments

  • Photos for comments

  • Signature Busicor Representative

  • Client / Vendor comments

  • Signature Client/ Vendor Representative

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