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Air conditioner

  • Are any errors showing on the aircon?

  • What model aircon is installed?

  • Provide overview of aircon system


  • What model UPS is installed?

  • Are any errors showing on the UPS?

  • Provide picture of UPS system

  • Provide overview of UPS system

Environmental Unit

  • What environmental unit is installed?

  • Is the environmental unit taking measurements and reading relevant alarms?

  • Provide picture of environmental system

  • General overview of environmental unit


  • What DVR/NVR is intalled?

  • How many cameras are visible on the system?

  • Provide picture of camera system

  • Do the camera system record?


  • What generator control panel is installed?

  • Is the fuel level reading on the panel?

  • Provide picture of generator system

  • Provide overview of complete generator.

Access Control

  • Is the access controller reading fingerprint?

  • What model access controller is installed?

  • Provide picture of access controller.

  • Provide overview of access control system.

Fire System

  • What model fire system is installed?

  • Provide picture of fire panel

  • Are there any errors on the fire panel?

  • Provide overview of fire system


  • Addional comments

  • Provide additional pictures if required

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