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  • Project Leader

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Asset Verification

  • Verified master asset list is available

  • Quantity of assets in scope is established

  • Verified master asset List is loaded in CMMS

  • Client is in agreement with verified master asset list

  • Asset add/remove/update process for future updates has been established with client

Asset Data Collection

  • All assets have been classified by asset type

  • Asset criticality has been assigned to all assets

  • Asset data gaps are identified, asset data collection plan (w/client agreement) is created

  • Asset data collection exercise of required asset attributes for required assets is complete

  • All required asset data attributes are loaded in CMMS

Asset Validation

  • Asset list for critical assets requiring validation (assessment of condition and the associated risks) is created

  • Asset validation plan for assessment of condition and the associated risks (w/client agreement) for critical assets is created

  • Asset validation exercise for critical assets is complete

  • Asset validation data for critical assets is uploaded in CMMS

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