Upper car park

Core E fire door leading to fire path

Plant room electricity switch gear

Lincoln room

Car park exits / barriers

Plant room by exits voltage room

Matthew halls (electrical room - archive
room 3 x high voltage room debs storage)

Tank room old water feature

Car park entries / barriers

Debenhams upper entry / exit

Core G lift lobby P10 & P11

Moka toilet pump room Core G

POF 1 / 2

Core G - outside lifts small toilet rap door FB1

Water feature plant room grease trap Moka

Core J fire door 32 / 31

Core J lift lobby p12

Core K fire door 13

Core K incoming fire main water supply (fire door 11)

Core A upper fire door unlabelled / Paint store

Core A upper parking stairs (fire door 14)

Core A workshop (B3 workshop)

POF 3 and 4 area

Core B lift / stairs lobby (fire door 42)

Core B lifts P6 & P7

M&S fire exit door

Core B delta door


Stair well and fire exit doors next to wood

Lower car park

Core D fire door 14

Core D electrical workshop foul water pump room fire door 15

Core D exit fire door 16

Core E exit fire door 5

Core E fire door and stair well

Plant room distribution electrical lighting board

Christmas store door 1/2

Plant room smoke extractors

Core G lower lift lobby fire door 28 /29

Lift P10 & P11

POF 7 area

Core J lower fire door 35 / 36

Core J lower 34 leading to stairs fire door 16

Core K lower fire door 16

Lift motor room fire door 15

Core K leading to stairwell fire door 14

Core A leading to lobby area fire doors no description

Tile store

Core A leading to stairs fire door 15

Core A fan cylinders

Core B POF 6 & POF 5 area

M&S lower lift lobby exit fire doors fire door 45

Core B lower P6 & P7

Core B leading to stairs fire door 43

Core B plant room electrical cupboard CPE / 1

Lower parking G2 / G3 good lift motor room

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