• Digital photographs of the interior of the property have been taken at the time of making the inventory for future use. These can be viewed if requested.

  • State overall condition of decor.

  • State overall condition of cleaning.

  • State overall condition of carpets

  • Does the property have curtains?

  • State type, number and overall condition.

  • State overall age and condition of any appliances in the property.

  • State type and overall condition of windows.

  • Please note that the property must be left in like condition on departure.
    Appliances must be cleaned thoroughly, including defrosting the freezer where applicable.
    Fridge must be cleaned, unplugged and left open where applicable.
    All rubbish and non inventory items must be removed from the premises.

  • It is the tenants responsibility to supply replacement light bulbs and batteries when necessary.

  • Are fire safety equipment present in the property?

  • State type of equipment, number and location.

  • CHECKOUT: tenants are advised that inventory check out will take place within 48 hours of their departure and that it is in their best interest to be present. At this time the property must be ready to be handed back and keys returned.

  • On vacation of the property, all items must be returned to the same position that they were at the outset in order to facilitate an easy check and avoid delays in the checking procedures.


  • Tenant signature.



  • Working order and condition

  • This inventory relates only to the furniture, furnishings and all Landlord's equipment and contents in the property. It is no guarantee of, or reports on, the adequacy of, or safety of any such equipment or contents, merely a record that such items exist at the property as at the date of the inventory and a superficial condition of the same.

    Where an inventory is compiled at an old property, it is understood that the condition of the fabric and contents are normally age worn and age marked unless otherwise stated.

  • Maintenance

  • Any maintenance problems found either at the commencement of the tenancy or during the term of the same, should be reported promptly and directly to the Agent/owner, not the inventory clerk.

  • Fire safety equipment

  • If smoke detectors/carbon monoxide monitors are present and replacement batteries are needed between maintenance visits or periodic tenancy checks, it is the responsibility of the tenant to replace and frequently check the working order of the same. Any faults should be reported to the agent/owner immediately.

  • General

  • This inventory has been prepared on the accepted principle that all items are free from any obvious soiling, fault or damage except where stated. The term 'good' is noted as a guideline for this.

  • Windows and doors

  • All latches and fittings will be checked but windows are not all opened to test if they are operational. If they are not, this should be reported as a maintenance fault. Doors are checked where keys are provided.

  • Heavy items

  • Heavy items of furniture such as kitchen appliances, wardrobes and beds will not be moved and the inventory clerk will not be responsible for the condition of any flooring underneath, or areas surrounding such items, that cannot be seen.


  • Tenant signature

Property information

Basic property information.


  • Are there steps available for access?

  • State number of sets of steps available

  • Do the steps have a hand rail?


  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of double rooms

  • Number of single rooms

  • Number of twin rooms

  • Number of bedrooms with en suite

  • Number of bathrooms

  • Separate toilet?

  • Number of other living areas (kitchen/dining area/study/lounge etc)


  • Tenant signature.


Caravan interior

  • Room type

  • Door(s)

  • Door painted/ varnished?

  • Door material

  • State colour/ finish of door?

  • Any marks on the door?

  • State ironmongery on door (materials, locks, handle type)

  • Where more than one door, please state type, location, size and condition of door.

  • Walls

  • Walls painted?

  • State colour of walls

  • Any marks on the walls?

  • Select mark type

  • State location of mark(s)

  • Picture of mark(s).

  • Ceilings

  • Condition of ceiling.

  • Any marks on the ceiling?

  • Select mark type.

  • State location of mark(s).

  • Picture of mark(s).

  • Floor.

  • Type of floor covering.

  • Condition of floor covering

  • Any soiling, marks or wear visible?

  • Select mark type.

  • State location of mark(s).

  • Picture of mark(s).

  • Woodwork

  • Is the woodwork painted?

  • State colour and finish of paintwork

  • Any soiling, marks or wear visible on the woodwork?

  • Select mark type

  • State location of the mark

  • Heating

  • State number of single radiators

  • State number of double radiators

  • Heated towel rail

  • Thermostatic valves on all radiators

  • Windows

  • Window type

  • Select window opening

  • Condition of window

  • State type and condition of window cill

  • Where more than one window available please state type, size, location and condition of window/opening.

  • Other.

  • Curtains/blinds provided?

  • Light shade provided?

  • Number of single plug sockets.

  • Number of double plug sockets.

  • Number of phone sockets.

  • In built storage.

  • State type of in built storage

  • Number of built in storage units.

  • Fire detection/ fighting provisions available?

  • Fire alarm?

  • Smoke alarm?

  • Fire blanket?

  • Fire extinguisher?

  • Fire place?

  • State type of fire

  • Condition of fire

  • State any further observations about the fireplace

  • Does the room have a sink or any other plumbing goods?

  • State type of plumbing good

  • State any other observations about plumbing goods (drips, seals, marks, mould etc)

  • State any other comments/ observations about the room.

  • Overall picture of the room.


  • Tenant signature

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