• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Inspection details

  • Premises name

  • Email

  • Licence

  • Manager

  • Telephone

  • Inspection start

Park details

  • Total number of sites

  • Number of long term sites

  • Number of short term sites

  • Number of camp sites

Administration and Park Information

  • Register of site owners maintained (cl 122)

  • Community map (site layout) on display (cl 126)

  • Community map on display & provided to Council (cl 126)

  • Approval to Operate conspicuously displayed

  • Information sheets for occupiers (cl 123)

  • Adequate visitor parking (cl 97)

  • Adequate wash bay area; no run off to river

Emergency Management and Site Safety

  • Emergency Management Plan; including evacuation site

  • Speed limit signage clearly visible <15kph

  • Appropriate road surfacing

  • Firefighting equipment<br>Hydrants<br>Hose reels<br>Extinguishers<br>Other appliances

  • Adequate lighting

  • Fire equipment annual certification

Drinking water supply, On-site Sewage Management and Waste (Subdivision 4)

  • Drinking water certification.<br>Issues:

  • Adequate areas for waste storage

  • Satisfactory waste removal methods

  • Approval issued for OSMS

  • OSMS disposal area satisfactory

  • Adequate stormwater drainage

Amenities (Toilets, shower rooms and laundry)

  • Toilets clean and sanitary.<br><br>Number available

  • Showers clean and sanitary. <br><br>Number available

  • Disabled facilities provided.<br><br>Number available

  • Laundry clean and sanitary.<br><br>Number available

  • Washing machine available.<br><br>Number available

  • Adequate clothes dryers (min. 1:80)

  • Adequate clothes drying areas (outdoor) (min. 50m)

  • Adequate electrical ports for ironing (min. 1:60)

  • Hot water available

  • Mirrors in good working order

  • Hand basins in good working order

Caravan site information

  • Site identification clearly visible

  • Site boundary delineation visible

  • Adequate width of road (4m single/6m dual lane)

  • Adequate vehicle/boat parking

  • Adequate visitor parking

  • Adequate site separation distance (2.5m)

  • Adequate setbacks (1m to road; 2m to boundary)

  • Site coverage under 2/3 of site

  • Structures have appropriate compliance plate

  • Caravans have running gear in good working order

Sites requiring attention

  • Comments

  • Site diagram (if required)


  • Inspection result

  • Manager's signature

  • Time at end of inspection

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