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Inspection start
Park details

Total number of sites

Number of long term sites

Number of short term sites

Number of camp sites

Administration and Park Information

Register of site owners maintained (cl 122)

Community map (site layout) on display (cl 126)

Community map on display & provided to Council (cl 126)

Approval to Operate conspicuously displayed

Information sheets for occupiers (cl 123)

Adequate visitor parking (cl 97)

Adequate wash bay area; no run off to river

Emergency Management and Site Safety

Emergency Management Plan; including evacuation site

Speed limit signage clearly visible <15kph

Appropriate road surfacing

Firefighting equipment
Hose reels
Other appliances

Adequate lighting

Fire equipment annual certification

Drinking water supply, On-site Sewage Management and Waste (Subdivision 4)

Drinking water certification.

Adequate areas for waste storage

Satisfactory waste removal methods

Approval issued for OSMS

OSMS disposal area satisfactory

Adequate stormwater drainage

Amenities (Toilets, shower rooms and laundry)

Toilets clean and sanitary.

Number available

Showers clean and sanitary.

Number available

Disabled facilities provided.

Number available

Laundry clean and sanitary.

Number available

Washing machine available.

Number available

Adequate clothes dryers (min. 1:80)

Adequate clothes drying areas (outdoor) (min. 50m)

Adequate electrical ports for ironing (min. 1:60)

Hot water available

Mirrors in good working order

Hand basins in good working order

Caravan site information

Site identification clearly visible

Site boundary delineation visible

Adequate width of road (4m single/6m dual lane)

Adequate vehicle/boat parking

Adequate visitor parking

Adequate site separation distance (2.5m)

Adequate setbacks (1m to road; 2m to boundary)

Site coverage under 2/3 of site

Structures have appropriate compliance plate

Caravans have running gear in good working order

Sites requiring attention


Site diagram (if required)

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Time at end of inspection