Premises details

Trading name

Licence number



Person interviewed

Inspection type

Inspection fee

Inspection time & date
Time inspection completed



Body piercing

Colonic lavage


Ear piercing




Beauty (including manicure, pedicure, facial, tinting etc)



Hand wash basin with warm potable running water through single spout

Hand wash basin in treatment room/s

Hand basin situated against a wall with a durable, smooth, impervious to moisture splashback

Soap, or other substance for cleaning hands near hand basin

Single-use towels or other suitable hand drying equipment near hand basin

Clean gown or apron, or impermeable apron worn during the procedure

Single use disposable gloves worn for all skin penetration procedures

Sterile gloves used

Gloves appropriately disposed of immediately after completing the procedure

Premises are clean and hygienic

Hospital grade disinfectant being used

Facilities are adequate for keeping hairdressing/beauty treatment appliances and utensils clean

Premises provided with suitable floor coverings, shelves, fittings and furniture that is constructed/covered with material that is durable, smooth, impervious to moisture and capable of being easily cleaned

Premises provided with adequate washing, drainage, ventilation and lighting facilities

Separate sink for the cleaning of equipment

All equipment is in good working order, is cleaned and stored in a clean, dry, dust free environment before reuse

Foot spas are correctly cleaned and disinfected after each client

Foot spas components are removed and scrubbed daily

Foot spas cleaned and disinfected daily

Foot spas soaked overnight once a week

Records for each sterilisation cycle (date, time held at max pressure and temperature, any faults with cycle, operator and number of items processed)

Autoclave is serviced annually

Autoclave TGA approved

Any article used to penetrate the skin is cleaned and sterilised before being used again, or is disposed of appropriately immediately after its use

All articles, including cuticle nippers/cutters, used to penetrate the skin are sterile

Skin prepared with suitable antiseptic and allowed to air dry prior to treatment

Single use disposal able items disposed immediately after use

Wax disposed immediately after use

Wax remaining in roll on wax canister disposed of before next client

Wax applicators dipped once and disposed of

Ear piercing gun used only once for ear piercing

Ear piercing gun cleaned and disinfected after each use

Clean and soiled linen stored in separate receptacles

Sharp bin/container on site

Adequate disposal method once sharps bin/container full

Adequate toilet facilities for colonic lavage

Additional comments

Inspection result

Reinspection required

Date of reinspection
I have had the contents of this inspection report explained to me and understand the contents
Inspection results

• Satisfactory - All aspects of the premises comply with relevant legislative requirements.

• Unsatisfactory - one or more relevant legislative requirements have not been met and have resulted in unsatisfactory workplace practices. A re-inspection will be required and legal action may be considered should the matter not be citified prior to the reinspection.

General information

• The Skin Penetration Code of Best Practice and The Guidelines on Skin Penetration published by NSW Health outline the industries best practice standards. Council advises all premises to comply with the relevant documents for best practice purposes.

• NSW Health advises that cuticle cutters are a skin penetration item that is required to be sterilised. Sterilisation can only be undertaken using an autoclave or dry heat steriliser. The sterilisation unit must comply with "Australian Standard AS 2182 - Sterilisers – steam – benchtop" and be registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

• Fact sheets on procedures carried out by skin penetration premises can be found on the NSW Health website Fact sheets are available in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic and other languages.

• Information on submission requirements for Development Applications, registration forms and fact sheets may be found on Council's website. Search for "Skin Penetration Premises Information" in the A-Z Index.

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