• Premises' Name

  • Contact Number

  • Proprietor's Name

  • Conducted on

  • Location / Address

AlburyCity - Hair / Beauty - Premises Inspection Report (Without Skin Penetration)

  • Name of Premise

  • Address / Location
  • Contact No.

  • Date of Inspection

The items marked 'no' require attention to comply with Part 2 (Hairdressing) Part 3 (Beauty Salons) of Schedule 2 from Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 made under Local Government Act 1993.

  • Premises structurally suitable for purpose?

  • Premises clean and in good repair?

  • Adequate hygienic facilities to store appliances / utensils?

  • Adequate light and ventilation?

  • Adequate flooring?

  • Adequate washing and drainage facilities?

  • Washing facilities have hot and cold supply mixed to single outlet?

  • Wash basin surrounds to be water proof / easily cleaned?

  • Suitable shelving, fittings and furniture / waterproofing / easily cleaned?

  • Miscellaneous

  • Re-inspection required?

  • This report relates only to a sample of issues observed in regards to the legislation stated above. It does not imply compliance or non compliance with any other legislation or regulation (e.g. Building Code of Australia.)

For further information contact Council's Environment Health Officers on 6023 8265.

  • Next Inspection Due

  • Premises Rep's Signature

  • Environmental Health Officer

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