Safety first

Safety First

All employees trained within 14 days of date of hire

4 hour cleaning caddy is setup properly

4 hour cleaning caddy is clean

4 hourly cleaning checklist is posted and in use

Restaurant is current on HDI collection with ARG

All required brushes are present( 2 slicer, 2 long handled brushes, 2 short handled brushes

Sanitizer test strips are present and correctly diluted per the blend center

Shake machine brushes are stored in the walkin cooler, in the shake bucket and air brushes present

Prep and production slicer are clean per the current AOR standards, no broken/cracked parts. All feet are in good shape, no burnt or cracked plastic, cover guard locking mechanism working, sharing mechanism working properly, no stickers causing harborage, all parts in place( drip guard, deflector plate). Clean includes no buildup under the button house, no buildup under the gauge plate.

Tomato tamer is clean and in good repair. Clean blades, clean pusher, clean handle, clean legs, no stickers causing harborage. Good repair has all feet, no bent or broken blades, no loose parts.

Hands and pans timer in place- watch executed

Tongs, knives, baskets, gaskets- no melted handles on knives, no cracked handles on tongs, no loose wires on fry baskets, all gaskets clean and in good repair.

General Manager has serve safe and/or state food license

Date License expires



Training center implemented- including smart goals posted, tmtp chart posted and current .

Smtp in position - meeting requirements

2 crew trainer per 7 employees

5 step training method known

All employees after 30 days certified in red hat, safety first, and respect

Pins are on all crew member hats

Red hat leader in place

Current MTP participants have binder, tests up to date, appraisals up to date.



Next schedule is posted by Thursday . Manager schedule used, in store manager meetings in place

Projections accurate

Scheduled labor inline - even or minus unless training

Breaks are schedule in non-peak

2 openers and 3 closers minimum required

GM-1 close, 1 mid, 45 hours minimum

Schedules built to incorporate training, and to build sales( peak plus one on the busiest days)

Product Path

Product Path

Variances checked by closing and opening manager

Build-to for ordering and Previn place and used effectively

Receive dates on all food, orders checked in by appropriate person

Weekly and Monthly food variances acceptable

Waste buckets in place , entered in BOS

Transfers entered the same day and accepted

Product Quality

Product Quality

All food items have day dots with initials , dates, am /pm circled

Build cards current and updated, board clean

No expired product

All sliced meats correct thickness ( beef 12 slices / 3oz ) and coast to coast

Hot and fresh fried products

All timers used and executed correctly

Shift Management

Shift Management

Ops, Closing , And Quarterback checklist in place and used effectivley

Work station chart in place, aces in places, maintenance duties assigned during tip top

Hourly rounds executed including table touched

Service times being met

BLAST being used on guest complaints.

Pocket planners on all Managers and used, schedule on back, thermometer and combo cards in pocket

Beef sheets current and up to date- initials and temps all complete



All maintenance duties assigned and acceptable level of cleanliness witnessed for today and yesterday duties

Open maintenance duties wall chart posted and In practice

Preventative maintenance checklist posted and executed each month. Verify : cooler fins, equipment plus, and water filters

Toaster free of excessive carbon, belts clean, motor area clear of dust, buns toasting appropriately at 4 and 6 settings

Cooler racks including tempering racks free of mold

Post rush and zone duties are executed properly and completed

Menu boards are a clean and in good repair

Equipment handles clean



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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.