Title Page

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

Shift Commencement

Sign on:

  • Sign On time:

  • Signed on with base:

  • Equipment collected for shift: Keys, buggy, torch


First checks:

  • Are all alarms armed?

  • Completed time:

  • ATM's (4) checked and secure? if no, include notes/pictures.

  • Completed time:

  • Are ALL tenancies secure?

  • Note details:

  • Completed time:

  • Fence-line checked.

  • Holes/Fence Maintenance issues to report?

  • Completed time:

  • Bar/Hotel closed. Check completed of site. Appears secure.

  • Completed time:

  • Site appears secure:

  • Hazards or Maintenance issues to report?


Patrol checks:

  • Patrols are constantly conducted. These logged patrols are full and complete market patrols. Tenancy door checks are to be conducted whilst patrolling.

  • Patrol Check:

  • Patrol
  • Full site patrol completed

  • Events area offices checked

  • Bar/Hotel checked

  • Alarms reset

  • Completed time:


Site Unlocks - WEEKENDS

  • Seven Main Gates Unlocked - 0430

  • Completed time:

  • Signboards erected on road - after 0430

  • Completed time:

  • Two ATM's unlocked - 0530

  • Completed time:

Shift Summary/Sign Off

Issues to report:

  • Incidents to report?

  • Time and date of incident:

  • Brief of events:

  • Pictures if applicable:

  • Any irregular unlocks/tenant requests?

  • Additional shift notes:

  • Name and Sign:

  • Time off site:

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