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  • Prepared by

Incident information

  • Site:

  • Time and date of incident:

  • Location of incident

  • What type of incident occurred?

Patient details:

  • Patient name:

  • Patient age approx:

  • Patient (or guardian) address and contact ph #:

Injury description:

  • What type of injury?

  • Details of condition if any: (eg medication)

  • Area of injury? e.g. Left Knee

  • Cause of injury:

Event log and action taken:

  • Ambulance called? (if yes include ambulance number and destination)

  • Was first aid administered? (if so explain treatment)

  • Log of events including times and persons involved:

  • Was this injury caused by environmental issues? E.g trip hazard

  • Multiple pictures of area:

  • What action has been taken to rectify this issue? (e.g cones placed) ACTION MUST BE TAKEN.

  • Picture of area injury occurred.

Fire Incident details:

  • Was this a real fire? Confirmed and not a false alarm.

  • Were any injuries caused by this fire?


  • Did the fire panel/fire alarm trigger? List zones.

  • Was the fire department called? (If yes include time on site and fire dept action taken)

Action taken:

  • Log of events including times and persons involved:

  • Did you use any fire fighting equipment? Note what equipment and how. (if extinguishers were used log location taken and picture of equipment)

  • Photo of area/damage:

  • There is no real fire and this is a confirmed false alarm.

  • Did the fire panel activate? Picture of panel and describe location:

Action taken:

  • Was a full check of the zone in alarm/fault conducted?

  • What was deemed the cause of this activation/fault?

  • Actions taken: (eg, isolate the zone, call base etc)

  • Photo of the faulty/in alarm activator:

  • Was first aid applied to any persons involved?


  • Were restraints used in this incident? If yes explain why.

  • Did police attend site? List time/action taken.

  • Log of events:

  • Name and contact number of victim:

  • Description and estimated price of item stolen:


  • Was the offender caught? If yes, add photo.

  • Is there CCTV footage of the theft? If yes, add times and camera numbers.


  • Gender:

  • Clothing:

  • Define colour, briefly:

  • Last known location:

  • Log of events:

  • Type of incident:

  • Log of events:

  • Any media:


  • Additional notes:

  • At the time of completing this report no further information was available to me.

  • Full Name and Signature

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