Incident Report

Incident Report

  • Shopping Centre

  • Incident date and time

  • Report completed by -

  • Cleaning / Security Company name -

  • Location of the incident

  • Did you see the accident?

Incident Report Investigation

Details of person

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Phone number

Incident Investigation

  • Cause of incident? (Alleged by person)

  • Description of what happened?

  • Description of injury?

  • Treatment?

Slip Trip and Fall Incident Information Required

  • Type of surface?

  • Condition of surface?

  • What was the spill?

  • Take five photos of the spill and the area

  • Footwear?

  • Condition of footwear?

Other factors

  • Carrying anything at the time?

  • Wearing glasses?

  • Walking aids being used?

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Witness to the incident?

  • Name and phone number of Witness (1)

  • Name and phone number of Witness (2)


  • Wet weather at the time of incident?

  • Add media

  • Wet floor signs in place?

  • Add media

  • Wet weather matts in place?

  • Add media

Other information?

  • Other details to be included?

  • Add media


  • Select date

  • Add signature

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