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Emergency Response and Fire Protection

  • Is clear access available to extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hose reels and hydrants?

  • Have the units been recently serviced in accordance with AS1851?

  • Has the evacuation drill been conducted in the last 12 months?

  • Are fire exit doors signed and have clear access inside and out?

  • Are exit lights illuminated and both emergency & exit lights serviced per AS.2293 with log book details?

  • Electrical distribution boards clear of stored items?

  • 500mm clearance below sprinklers for general tenancies?

  • Does the tenancy have a kitchen exhaust canopy?

  • If yes, has the duct and canopy been cleaned in accordance with AS.1851 within the last 12 months?

Risk Management

  • There are no overloaded power boards or frayed electrical leads?

  • Does the tenancy contain hazardous materials?

Retail Area

  • Is housekeeping well maintained (e.g. walkways and aisle kept clear)?

  • Are floor surfaces even and free of defects (e.g. slip, trip and fall hazards)?

  • Are all lights operating effectively?

  • Is adequate storage area provided so that shelving is not overloaded and storage areas are well maintained?

  • Are all ceiling tiles/fittings in a good state of repair?

General comments & close out

  • General observations/comments

  • Date/time at the completion of the inspection

  • Signature of Charter Hall employee who completed the tenancy inspection

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