Contractor Spot Check

Contractor Spot Check

  • Contractor Spot Check

  • Charter Hall Retail Centre

  • Spot Check completed by

  • Date and time

  • Company Name

  • Contractor Service Type

Contractor Spot Check

Details of Contractor onsite

  • Name(s)

  • Phone number

Site attendance records

  • Have all contractors checked in prior to commence of work?

  • Names of contractors who have not checked in?

  • Take photo of site attendance register.

Site specific induction

  • Induction number of Contractor?

  • Have all contractors onsite completed a site specific induction?

  • If the answer is no, list names of employees who were not inducted.

Permit to work

  • Has the contractor completed a Permit to Work or Restricted Access Permit?

  • Take photo of the completed permit.

Electrical safety

  • Is there electrical equipment onsite being used by the contractor?

  • Is all electrical equipment onsite currently tagged and tested?

  • Take photos of all electrical equipment verify tag and tested.

Housekeeping practices

  • Inspecting the work area of the contractor Housekeeping practices were?

  • Was appropriate barricading and signage of work area implemented?

  • Take three photos of work area.

Other observations or information?

  • Other details to be included?

  • Add media

Overall WHS and Charter Hall Permission to Work Assessment?

  • Contractor Spot Check WHS assessment


  • Time at completion of Spot Check

  • Name and signature of Charter Hall representative

Contractor Acknowledgement

  • Name and signature of Contractor or representative

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