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External Property and carpark

  • General property and carpark housekeeping (free from rubbish, neat, tidy)

  • No external hazards present (trees etc)

  • Does the exterior of the buildings/ pose any hazards?

  • Pathways well maintained and free of any slip/trip hazards

  • Carpark well maintained and clearly sign posted

  • Any slip, trip hazards present in the exterior of the buildings

  • Is traffic management in place (signage, speed, shared zones) and working well?

  • Any other external concerns that need to be resolved?

  • All external locks and security measures working correctly?

Premises and office areas

  • Furniture well maintained and in good/safe conditon

  • Provided furniture able to be ergonomically adjusted to suit user

  • Yes adequate lighting in place to work as intended

  • Are noise levels acceptable for working in a office environment?

  • Housekeeping in place and work areas tidy and free of any obstacles and trip hazards

  • Emergency Evacuation plan procedures and diagram in place

  • Electrical equipment with current electrical test tag attached

  • Electrical leads out of the way to prevent a trip hazard

  • Electrical outlets not overloaded

  • No double adapters or piggy backing present

  • Fire safety equipment in place with current test tag attached

  • Are fire exits are free from obstructions

  • Asbestos register is available

  • First aid kit/s available with all contents present and in date.

  • Are noise levels acceptable in the office from the workshop

  • Is adequate storage available/in place to store items as required

  • Is there known asbestos in the building?

  • Is a copy of the asbestos register available and on hand

  • Are lunch rooms well set up with no hazards present


  • Sign in and acknowledge of health and safety obligation including the use of PPE

  • Is there a safety induction in place to communicate OHS workplace matters

  • Signage in place communicating health and safety concerns

  • Signage in place communicating PPE requirements

  • Adequate PPE in stock to cover operational needs + visitors

  • PPE is relevant for tasks being performed

  • Are there up-to-date risk assessments in place for high risk work being carried out in the workshop.

  • Is eye wash station or similar in place, well maintained and ready for use

  • First aid kit/s in place with all contents present and in date.

  • Are there safe operating procedures available for all tools and equipment being used

  • Is all electrical equipment well maintained and in good working order

  • Does all electrical equipment have a current electrical test tag attached

  • Are RCD's checked on a regular based and results kept on hand to show testing compliance

  • Is machine guarding in place where required, fitted well and working as intendeds

  • Is there a procedure for reporting incidents within the workshop

  • Is ventilation in place and adequate for the work being carried out

  • Are prestart meeting or other similar meetings conducted to communicate health and safety matters and concerns?

Chemical Safety

  • Are all chemicals stored correctly in appropriate chemical cupboard?

  • Are all chemicals labelled correctly?

  • Do all chemicals have the SDS available and are assessable by all

  • Are all SDS within 5 years of being developed and ready for use

  • Is PPE available as stated in the SDS for chemical handling

  • Are chemicals stored in unmarked bottles?

Manual Handling

  • Is manual handling techniques communicated (training) to all relevant personnel

  • Does storage and shelving of items take into account manual handling of heavy items

  • Are there any heavy items regularly picked up and moved around?

  • Are there any other issues or concerns around manual handling and lifting.

Fire Safety

  • Is all fire safety equipment well maintained, in current service, sign posted and ready to use

  • Service schedule in place and well maintained

  • A check of some fire safety equipment shows that it has a current test tag and is ready for use.

Emergency Management

  • Are emergency management procedures in place and are current

  • Are emergency management procedures understood by all personnnel

  • Are current Evacuation maps in place where required.

  • Are emergency management and similar drills conducted at scheduled intervals

WHS System

  • WHS Corporate Policy is displayed

  • WHS policy and procedural manuals are available

  • Are WHS noticeboards or information in place for all staff to see

  • Is Incident reporting understood and followed in a timely manner?

  • Are rehabilitation and return to work policies and procedures in place to assist staff?

  • Does management consult on WHS matters with its staff?

  • Is WHS matters, issues or concerns raised at any meetings?

Electrical Safety

  • Are all electrical items tested and tagged with current test tag in place

  • Are all electrical items well maintained and in good working order

  • Are prestart checked completed on electrical items before use?

  • Are RCD's regularly inspected and tagged? Evidence available?

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