• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Inspection Details

  • Date of Inspection:

  • Inspector Name and License Number:

Scaffold Erectors' Details:

  • Company Erecting Scaffold:

  • Erectors' Name and License Number:

  • COID Letter of Good Standing Current and Available?

  • Medical Fitness Certificates Inspected for all Employees?

  • SHE Induction done by all Employees?

Inspection Criteria:


  • Surface level

  • Sole plates in place

  • Base plates in place

  • Jack used


  • Structure sound

  • Sufficient ties used

  • Ties tightened


  • Complete lines

  • Sufficient types

  • Correct fitting


  • Boards properly supported

  • Boards used are sturdy

  • Toe boards are used

  • Handrails in place

  • Platforms not overloaded


  • Lads in place

  • Ladders secured

  • 900mm above platform

  • Sound condition

  • Properly supported


  • Vertical

  • Sound condition

  • Correctly spaced


  • Correctly spaced

  • Firmly fixed

  • Sound condition

  • Transen (short ledger)


  • Correct castors

  • Height ration

  • Braced

  • Brakes

Suspended Platform

  • Sound equipment

  • Not overloaded

  • Secure outriggers

  • Lifting gear

  • Wire ropes

  • Shackles

  • Safety belt available


  • Placed as required


  • Inspector:

  • Erector:

  • Manager:

Is Scaffold SAFE or NOT SAFE for use?

  • Declared Safe/Not Safe for Use:

  • Photo of Scaffold:

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