• Service Rig Company and Rig #

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Chaparral Energy Personnel on Location

  • Rig Operator


  • Is the rig adequate distance from overhead power lines?

  • Are flammable liquid stored in the proper containers?

  • Is the service rig hazard sign displayed?

  • Is a first aid kit available on the rig location?

  • Are the service rig guy wires flagged?

  • Is the fall lane of the derrick clear?

  • Is the overall housekeeping on the service rig satisfactory?

  • Are pipe racks and catwalks satisfactory?

  • Are fire hazards controlled?

  • Is the latitude and longitude board displayed on the service rig? Is it updated with current well location coordinates?

  • Pictures:


  • Are the condition of the guy lines acceptable?

  • Is the diameter of the guy line correct per manufacturers recommendations?

  • Is there a minimum of three wire rope clamps on all guy wires including the tubing guy wires?

  • Are the ground anchors in good condition and pull tested to 18,600 lbs. Is there a tag attached to the ground anchors?

  • Are the tubing board guys strung and crossed for racking?

  • Are the internal guys adjusted for tension?

  • Pictures:

Mast & Derrick

  • Is the manufacturers specifications plate on the Mast/Derrick?

  • Is the mast/derrick free of excess corrosion and damage?

  • Ladder condition?

  • Racking platform condition?

  • Rod basket condition?

  • Crows nest condition?

  • Manual latch dog extension and retraction mechanism condition?

  • Latch dog condition?

  • Scoping ram stabilizer condition?

  • Crown sheave guards condition?

  • Are the hinge points free of signs of metal failure such as cracks?

  • Is the finger board safety cable operational?

  • Are the derrick locking pins in place?

  • Are hinge point dowel pins provided with a safety retainer?

  • Is the hydraulic system free of leaks?

  • Lighting system condition?

  • Pictures:


  • Are handrails in place on elevated walkways and steps?

  • Are the wheels chocked?

  • Are the fuel tanks labeled?

  • Is the carrier free of leaking fuel?

  • Are the hydraulic leveling jacks secured by mechanical lock nuts?

  • Pictures:


  • Machine guarding.

  • Tubing line and sandline condition? Look for any kinking or crushing on the wire rope.

  • Is there sufficient wraps left on the drum with the blocks in the down position,

  • Dead line anchor condition?

  • Road gear lockout condition?

  • Handling winch condition?

  • Pictures:

Operator Station/Work Platform/Floor

  • Are all operator controls labeled?

  • Is the work floor free of hazards? i.e slip, trip and fall etc.

  • Pictures:

Tools and Equipment

  • Tong safety gate condition?

  • Backup tongs condition?

  • Stiff arm and snub line condition?

  • Head guard condition?

  • Are the hoses and fittings securely connected and free of defects?

  • Traveling blocks in good condition?

  • Sheave guard condition?

  • Are the bales/links free of defects?

  • Elevator condition?

  • Rod hook condition?

  • Transfer elevator condition?

  • Weights/Wire Rope/Winch Line/Attachments

  • Pipe rack condition?

  • Are the walkways free of tripping hazards?

  • Are the BOP's installed, tested and functional?

  • Is the standpipe secure on the mud circulating system?

  • Safety pressure relief valve condition?

  • Is there high pressure fittings in the high pressure system?

  • Is the discharge line from the relief valves anchored?

  • Mud mixing area condition?

  • Is the rotary hose secured to the gooseneck and swivel with safety hobbles?

  • Pictures:

Safety Equipment

  • Is there a safety harness and restraint lanyard provided at the tubing board, rod basket and stabbing board?

  • Derrick ladder climbing device condition?

  • Is there an emergency derrick escape equipment on the service rig or nearby? Is it operational and easily accessible?

  • Date rig crew conducted rig rescue training.

  • If the crew has not conducted training within the last 12 months, what is their plan to meet this requirement?

  • Is there 2 - 20 lb Class A, B, C Extinguishers on the service rig? Are they charged and free of defects?

  • Is appropriate PPE being worn by all personnel?

  • Pictures:

SRL Information

  • SRL condition?

  • Harness Information; model #, lot # etc.

  • Pictures:

  • Comments and/or anything not covered needs to go here.

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  • Date:

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