Pre-Departure Kit Bag Check list

  • bar code stickers

  • Zebra/ tablet

  • labeller

  • zip lock bags

  • marker pens

  • Laptop

  • priority items list

  • DO NOT ENTER LIFT DANGEROUS GOODS IN TRANSIT sign with plastic chain and attachments


  • Mobile Spill Kit (if necessary, take if unsure)

  • First Aid Kit (if necessary, take if unsure)

Disposal Checklist

  • Specify the disposal room

  • Confirm route to the disposal room

Pre-Departure PPE Checklist

  • lab coat

  • safety glasses

  • face shield

  • Nitrile disposable gloves

  • PVC disposable gloves

  • resuable gloves (these are not suitable in PC2 areas)

  • Biohazard glove disposal bag

Risks and Controls Identifiable in Lab

  • Lab door panel required?

  • Select all applicable hazard types (and photograph lab door from outside)

  • Is the lab PC2?

  • PC2 protocols will be adhered to in this lab

  • Confirm all appropriate interlocks are in place and/or isotopes are sealed or otherwise safe

  • Remove or minimise as possible

  • Follow safe working practices to minimise manual handling issues

  • Specify other hazard and note controls in place

  • Are other controls required for work to commence?

  • Contact the CSO to arrange these controls before you start work. Briefly describe the controls in the box below

Response Controls Checklist

  • Confirm the following are in place

  • Safety Shower in lab

  • Specify location of external safety shower that is within 10 seconds of the lab

  • Eye wash in lab

  • CCP portable eyewash in kit.

  • First aid kit in lab

  • External first aid kit located and adequate

  • CCP first kit present before work commences

  • Spill kit in lab

  • Spill outside lab and adequate

  • CCP spill kit present before work commences

  • Emergency shut-off located

  • Fire extinguisher in lab

  • Location of nearest external fire extinguisher is:

  • Emergency egress route clear and confirmed

Verbal Confirmations

  • Confirm with your partner that you will asses new hazards or conditions as they arise

  • Confirm with your partner that should you find priority list items you contact the CSO

Dangerous Goods Cabinets in this lab

    Dangerous Goods Cabinets
  • Are there any DG cabinets present?

  • Select type

  • Scan the Chemical Audit 2019 barcode

  • Is the cabinet bunding shelf in the correct position?

  • Ensure that this is reported on the lab hazards reporting excel spreadsheet

  • Is the cabinet damaged?

  • Ensure that this is reported on the lab hazards reporting excel spreadsheet

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