Health, Safety and Compliance

  • Class Checklist (Risk Assessment) complete and accurate?

  • Exploratory play contains a variety of appropriate activities and looks inviting? (is set up as per plan)

  • Storage bags etc out of sight where possible?

  • Change area set up and accessible?

  • Is all equipment company approved?

  • Are all toys age appropriate (no choking hazards)?

  • Blue mats in place and tarpaulin taped down on all four sides?

  • Sensory area set up appropriately using green and yellow mats and clean fleeces?

  • Are safety mats used around raised areas?

  • Is insurance policy up to date?

  • Is music license up to date?

  • Completed parents contact details & class register?

  • Are the chairs positioned correctly for use by parents?

Functional Class Delivery

  • Are parents welcomed and visitors dealt with correctly? (including late comers to class)

  • Music on, and at an appropriate level, prior to class starting?

  • Say Hello to Sun carried out well?

  • Activities delivered with correct developmental information?

  • Equipment handed out and collected appropriately?

  • Activities and equipment delivered with safety instructions?

  • Does the Class Leader interact during the break where possible?

  • Cleaning procedures in place throughout class?

  • Wave goodbye and wrap up of class is carried out well?

Overall Experience


  • Is the CL in control of the group?

  • Does everyone feel an equal part of the group?

  • Does the CL really know the class, is there good eye-contact, names used, engaging?

  • Is the tone of the delivery good?

  • Is the CL enthusiastic, is there a ‘wow’ within the CL’s teaching style?

Lesson Plan

  • Is the pace and timing of the lesson correct with good demonstrations?

  • Are the learning points shared well?

  • Is the signing of good quality?

Whole Experience

  • Was the lesson true to the brand and would I have paid for it as a parent?

  • What was the general feeling in the group – have they bought into the overall experience?

Feedback Matrix

  • More

  • Better

  • Less

  • Different

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