• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Health/ Safety

  • Emergency Information Posted

  • Evacuation Plan Posted

  • Safety Drills Posted and Updated

  • Emergency Phone Numbers Accessible

  • Adequate Supervision/Ratio Maintained

  • Cleaning Log Posted and Updated

Emotional Support

  • Emotional Connections Evident

  • Aware and Responsive to children's emotional needs

  • Emphasizes children's interests, motivations & points of view

  • Encourages student responsibility & autonomy

Classroom Organization

  • Provides clear behavioral expectations

  • Uses effective methods to prevent/redirect misbehavior

  • Demonstrates effective management of instructional time and routines

  • Provides opportunities for involvement in learning activities

  • Utilizes a variety of interesting & stimulating materials

  • Maximizes children's interests, engagement, & ability to learn from lessons and activities

Instructional Support

  • Uses discussions & activities to promote higher order thinking skills, cognition and understanding

  • Provides feedback that expands learning & understanding

  • Encourages children's continued participation in classroom activities

Mealtime Routines

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Snack

  • Proper handwashing procedures

  • Tables are properly sanitized

  • Appropriate sized tables and chairs

  • Meals are served family style to the extent possible

  • Staff sit and interact with children

  • Food served in reflective of planned menu

Parent and Volunteer Participation

  • Volunteer sheet easily accessible

  • Work space for parents/volunteers

  • Parent information posted

  • Parent conferences/home visits up to date

Program Planning

  • Linguistically appropriate

  • Inclusive of children with special needs

  • Multi-cultural awarenes

  • Family focused

Creative Curriculum/TS Gold

  • Creative Curriculum objectives in lesson plan

  • Class profile or other tracking system in use

  • Updated anecdotal records and other tracking

  • Lesson plans are complete

  • Variety of developmentally appropriate activities

  • Creative activities

  • Health activities (including behavioral health)

  • Social studies

  • Self-help

  • Gross motor

  • Fine motor

  • Math

  • Literacy

  • Science

Schedule/Physical Environment

  • Child & adult directed activities alternate

  • Active & quiet activities alternate

  • Posted schedule consistent with routines

  • Centers easily recognized


  • Additional information?

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