• Please provide pictures where possible.

  • 5 = Outstanding; 4 = Excellent; 3 = Good; 2 = Fair; 1 = Poor

Personal Traits

  • Instructor's appearance

  • Instructor's enthusiasm

  • Instructor's choice, use of words

  • Instructor's enunciation

  • Instructor's quality, volume of voice

  • Instructor's eye contact

  • Instructor's body mannerisms

  • Instructor's confidence

  • Comments in reference to the Instructor's personal traits

Relationships with students

  • Distribution of questions, attention

  • Knowledge of names

  • Class control

  • Attention to feedback

  • Response to needs, difficulties

  • Instructor's tact

  • Instructor's use of humor

  • Comments in reference to the Instructor's relationship with his/her students

Lesson Evaluation - Introduction

  • Instructor's communication of learning goals

  • Instructor's motivation, interest arousal

  • Establishment of topic of importance

  • Instructor's review of prerequisites

  • Comments in reference to the lesson's introdution

Lesson Evaluation - Presentation

  • Sequencing

  • Clarity of explanation

  • Explanation of unfamiliar terms

  • Attention to previous knowledge level of students

  • Effective utilization of training aids

  • Examples of dry erase board, power points, smart boards, etc.

  • Questioning techniques

  • Emphasis on "why" and "application"

  • Opportunity for proper note taking

  • Opportunity for practice, assimilation

  • General comments on the Instructor's presentation

Lesson Evaluation - Conclusion

  • Adequacy of summary

  • Evaluation methods

  • Accomplishment of the objectives

  • General comments on the conclusion of the lesson

Instructor preparation

  • Clarity of objectives

  • Adequacy of lesson plan

  • Choice of methods and materials

  • Picture of material used if applicable

  • Readiness of equipment, facilities

  • Picture of classroom

  • Quality of hand-outs, power points, etc.

  • Picture of hand-outs, power points, etc.

  • General comments about the Instructor's preparation


  • Was the class held for the full scheduled time?

  • Did Instructor adhere to scheduled student breaks?

  • Did the Instructor record attendance during class time?

  • Was the classroom neat and orderly?

  • Was all equipment in the classroom functioning properly?

  • Did the Instructor utilize approved instructional plans?

  • Did the Instructor utilize available technology?

  • Was the Instructor prepared for class?

  • We're the students in dress code?

Overall assessment of classroom observation

  • Was the temperature of the classroom conducive to a good learning environment?

  • Was the classroom well lit?

  • Was the classroom neat, clean, and organized?

  • Additional comments

  • Quality Assurance Team Member

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