Sinks, hand basins and their surrounds, including splash backs, ledges, inner and outer surfaces of bowls, overflows, plugs, drain holes, taps, supports, pipes, traps etc, to be dry and free of all soilage, hairs, smears, debris etc, after cleaning. Taps to be polished. No build up of soilage or staining materials to be permitted.

All interior surfaces including rims and other hidden areas of WC bowls to be thoroughly scrubbed during cleaning, the exterior of bowls, seats, seat hinges and associated pipe work and cisterns to be thoroughly cleaned so as to be free of all marks, streaks and stains. No build up of soilage to staining materials to be permitted. Particular attention to be paid to areas less accessible such as flushing rims, pipe connections, and seat pillars and hinges.

The exterior of toilet paper holders, towel cabinets and any other fixtures and fittings which may occur to be free of all streaks, smears, stains and other soilage after cleaning.

All mirrors to be cleaned so as to be free of smears, stains and marks.

All chrome, copper, brass and other metal finishes to be maintained so as to be free of all tarnish, stains, verdigris and similar materials.

In addition to the daily cleaning as specified above all toilets will be serviced once during the course of the working day, the service will consist of wiping down surface, sinks and toilet seats and cleaning floors to remove any spills or waste material. Also the supply of soap, towels and any other consumables will be checked and replaced as necessary.

Main & Side Entrances

Following the details listed below ensure that all tenant entrances are maintained to the highest possible standard at all times

The areas in front and to the sides of all entrances will be maintained free from debris, litter, spills etc.


Vacuumed carpets to be free of surface litter and debris. No build up of dust, fluff or similar soilage to be permitted at edges, under furniture or in corners.

All stains to be removed as they arise by spotting.

No static charge shall be allowed to build up on any carpet.


Stairs and intermediate landing to be maintained so as to be free of dust, debris, tarter ears, smears, fluff and any other soilage. Particular attention to be given to edges, corners, strings and risers to ensure no accumulation or build up of soilage occurs.

Banister rails and balustrades, including side panels, to be free of dust after dusting. Specialist products to be used on appropriate services. I.e. Brass or wood cleaning

Spot cleaning and damp wiping to remove all stains, marks, streaks, finger marks or other soilage.


Runners to be kept free of accumulation of grit, debris and other materials interfering with the operation of the lift doors.

Control panels and surfaces to be cleaned and polished so as to be free of finger marks, smears, streaks and any other soilage.

Walls, Doors, Skirting, Screens, Partitions etc.

All surfaces to be free of dust and smears after dusting.

All finger marks, smears, stain and general soilage to be removed during cleaning by spot cleaning, damp wiping or washing as appropriate, to leave surfaces clean, dry and smear free.

No smears, streaks or buildup of soiling, particularly on the skirting and door kick plates to be permitted.

Walls to be free of dust and smears after dusting

Fire Appliances, Ledges,Nameplates

To be free of dust, smears, streaks and stains after cleaning.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.